“Illegal Immigrants” or “Expatriates”?

By: Dr. Kweku Objective

Following the Panorama programme on BBC 1, a campaign in support for amnesty for so called ‘ illegal immigrants’ in the UK has began.   Already 19 British MPs and the Mayor of London have thrown their big weights behind this charitable move.   Over 750,000 precious lives are suffering in the UK due to harsh immigration laws. Most of these people are very hard working and law abiding fellow human beings who are being made to live like second class citizens.   It is estimated that should these ‘illegal immigrants’ be given amnesty to legally reside in the U.K., they will make vital socio-economic contributions to the British economy.  

Let’s remember that most of the jobs being done by these so called ‘illegal immigrants’ would never be done by the original British citizens in any case. Also most immigrants have come from very impoverished and in some cases war-tone countries whose predicament has been caused by the world’s super powers take Iraq and Afghanistan for example.  

It’s quiet funny that when a westerner travels to Africa or so called ‘developing countries’ either to work or have social pleasure they are referred to as expatriates or tourists but when people from the ‘third world’ travel to the West they are referred to as immigrants or aliens and in some cases ‘illegal immigrants’ should they over stay their welcome due to circumstances probably beyond their control.

At the moments visa fees across Africa is so ridiculous. A lot of people would struggle to pay these exorbitant fees only to be refused a visa without any valid reason whilst our government sit still and watch at least they have diplomatic passports.

Did the Portuguese, Dutch, British, Americans etc. who invaded Africa and Asia to colonise these countries need a visa to enter? They took our precious mineral resources and quality human resources as slaves to build their countries. Even the White House was built by African slaves. The Tunnels in London were built by Black migrants. Is it not fair to say let our people enjoy the fruit of their labour?

Permit me also to say our leaders have not helped us. The level of corruption and greed has hindered the growth of the third world hence one has to travel in search of green pastures in spite of the amount of wealth we have in Africa.

I can sincerely say that for most people in the diaspora, if the push factors such as insecurity, injustice, political tensions, wars, economic hardships etc were addressed in Ghana (Africa), a lot of people would be happy to return home. They would never swap Ghana for any other country.

Personally, I pray that Ghana as a nation and Africa in general becomes economically independent so people might not need to travel in such of green pastures but for social pleasure and leisure. The likes of Japan, Malaysia and Singapore have clearly demonstrated that it is possible. Let us rally together with our leaders to fight corruption and injustice and make Ghana and Africa a better place to live.

Thank you and God bless you.   Dr. Kweku Objective

If you are interested in helping people in the U.K., U.S., Europe, Australia etc. gain Immigration amnesty, please send an email in support of this cause and it will be forwarded to the appropriate Embassies, High Commissions and Governments.

Please help a just cause by signing up irrespective of your religion, race, gender or country of origin. Someone’s life and well-being depends on your valuable support. Please sign and forward this to as many people as possible. Help voice out for the voiceless.   We are hoping to collect at least a million signatures which will be sent to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Home Office Secretary, Immigration minister and Mayor of London.   I would ask the 1millionth signatory to send this email back to to be forwarded to appropriate quarters.   Alliance for Immigration Amnesty (C.I.A.).   Email: