I’m sorry for Nigeria

One will never know how sorry I feel for Nigeria, a country governed by cabals and Mafia Dons. It makes you wonder when some one like former President Obasanjo, IBB or any member of the cabals and Mafia Dons say they love Nigeria and would die for her. It is like a man raping a woman with her hands tied up, a gun to her head and at the same time saying to her, I love you and will die to protect your honor. That is what the bandits in power and leadership are doing to Nigeria.

My frustration is that before you know it, nothing more will be heard about this Halliburton $150m bribery and corruption investigation that involve the high and mighty in our beloved country. Has the National Assembly investigating how $16 billion, N300 billion, etc. mismanaged not exonerated OBJ’s under whose watch everything happened? Who expects
a thief to bring his accomplice and colleague to justice?

The rogues that govern Nigeria are building financial empires and dynasties for their children and families in preparation to perpetuate their domination of Nigeria’s socio-economic and political institutions. The future generation of wealthy Nigerians will be those whose fathers/parents mismanaged Nigeria’s economy in the past thirty-nine years, more so, the past ten years of the return to democratic governance. In civilized climes, such as the ones where we reside, most wealthy families trace the origin of their wealth to one invention, discovery, etc. of their fathers and or forefathers. Family names like, DuPont, Ford, Dodge, Rockefeller, Gates, etc. easily come to mind. But their Nigerian counter parts are and will in future be those whose fathers entrusted with our common wealth looted yours and my inheritance. Unless a Jerry Rawlings comes in to clean up the ugly Nigerian Aegean stable, Nigeria’s rich will continue to get richer while the poor masses continues to get poorer.

What a country! What a people!