Imo: Government of Self-enrichment?

Politics will never change from prudence given as its definition no matter the tide of rascality Nigerian politicians, but most especially, governor Ikedi Ohakim of Imo State are exhibiting in politics. Instead of serving the electorate and meeting their needs, has Ohakim turned ‘service to the people’ to service to only himself and his wards?

Much as that is perturbing, it is more of a mindsore to note in a letter by one Samuelson Iwuoha published in a national daily recently that Ohakim has pocketed the coffers and the people of Imo State, asking what will happen, and at the same time preaching the gospel of democracy more than any politician in Nigeria. By this confusion, is Ohakim playing politics of ‘the more you look the less you see’?

“In a nutshell, the questions Ohakim must answer include: (a) Where has he kept all the borrowed funds? It is on record that his government has borrowed more money than all the previous governments in Imo put together. (b) Where are the projects for which he claims he borrowed the funds?” Iwuoha asks. “(c) Where are the funds, he raised from the Capital Market? (d) Where are the proceeds from the Scratch Cards he made widows and poor people in the state to buy under the guise of proving 10,000 jobs for the people? (Imo State has no single functional factory and workers in the state are still being owed three months salary arrears. Where will the jobs come from?) (e) Why has the governor continued to boast that he has the judiciary in his pocket? (Our worry is that he has been funding the several litigations against his election with public funds). (f) Why has he shut his eyes while miscreants associated with his Government continue to kidnap, rape and maim Imo People, particularly relations of his political opponents?”

While Ohakim paints himself holy on the newspapers that he is handling huge projects in Imo State which has brought accolades to him from unsuspecting observers of Imo politics, Iwuoha exhumes the followings requiring Ohakim’s explanation. What has Ohakim done with funds mearnt for these projects: Midwest Airlines, OAK Refinery, Oguta Wonder Lake, the Nuclear Energy Project, the new Government House, Nworie Street Dredging. The Ring Road linking all the Local Government Areas and the Boulevard.

If that is the case, it is very unbecoming of a PhD holder to be playing Imo politics of today in in comparison with a relegated Ochi n’nwata mentality. Ochi n’nwata, a sobriquet he self-acclaimed when he was a neophyte into politics as appointed commissioner under Governor Evan(s) Enwerem (now late). Senator Ifeanyi Araraume appointed him that commissioner

Is it true that Ohakim shut his eyes on buffoons in relationship with your government to be perpetrating heinous activities on the people he was supposed to protect? It is on record that these charlatans are now bent on manhandling Ohakim’s political opponents’ relations. So far, the victims reportedly include the mother of Hon. Standford Onyirimba, who was kidnapped and strangled to death. Chief Peter Orji, Chief Magnus Orjiakor among other. Chief Orji was said is the Imo State Treasurer of PDP while Orjiakor is the Deputy Chairman. They were kidnapped, beaten and abandoned half dead. The list of the victims was said is endless.

Much as Ohakim’s arsenal immodest aides will disprove the above, what happened that today, the Federal Government deducts about N358 Million monthly from Imo State allocations source, whereas Ohakim’s government was smiling to the bank initially with the Imo State allocations from the federal Government? Did Ohakim read Iwuoha, “This is as a result of the several questionable projects of the Ohakim-led administration which have put heavy financial burden on the resources of Imo State”? Very sad!

It is high time Ohakim led his Imo People from Owerri than junketing everywhere to lead Nigerians from Abuja, whereas he is yet to prove a point at home that yes, “I am the change.” Is he competing, or trying to second Olusegun Obasanjo as the most leaders from Nigeria that have travelled widely or wildly and that has led his people from aircraft than from the office?

To have a better Imo State, Ohakim should as a matter of urgency reconcile with Imo State persons as mentioned by Iwuoha: former Governor, Achike Udenwa, Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, Chief Rochas Okorocha. Senator Sylvester Anyanwu. Senator Chris Anyanwu, Chief Festus Odimegwu, Hon. Stanford Onyirimba, Barr. Ziggy Azike among others. 

Ohakim should stop the politics of Ochi n’nwata and invent the politics of Ochi n’dimkpa. Imo People are not kids, because a kid will only joke with the mother’s breast and not with the father’s penis. Except Ohakim will prove the contrary, and that will be deviancy.

Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Author and Media Consultant, is the Founder of Poet Against Child Abuse (PACA), Rivers State, Nigeria. Mobile: +2348032552855. Email: