Intricacies As Sambo Is Confirmed Vice-President

On 18th May, 2010, the National Assembly confirmed Namadi Sambo as the Vice President Federal Republic of Nigeria. Until his appointment by the substantive president of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, Sambo was governor of Kaduna State. As the president of Nigeria, Jonathan has the intrinsic to chose whoever he wants to be the Vice-President. But on the other hand, the choice of a serving

governor is an intricate issue to follow whereas there are “virgin” young and more educated Nigerians even from the People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) divide and from the North to have been considered. 

It is horrid whether the regional in the PDP’s power equation can be settled with the appointment of Sambo as Vice-President. Although said to be unknown in the political preciseness in Nigeria, Sambo coming from the North is a good thing. This has balanced the parochial power equation in Nigeria as orchestrated by the PDP, but has not yet settled the ripple whether his appointment is to give Jonathan the leverage to stand for the 2011 elections. 

Much as Jonathan is a child of destiny having inherited the Presidency after the demise of President Umar Musa Yar’Adua on 5th May 2010, whom he was until his death his deputy, it will be very imperative that those who see Nigeria’s leadership as their birthright give peace a chance and allow Jonathan concentrate and think out ways forward for Nigeria. 

While Sambo heads for Aso Rock and his deputy, Patrick Yakowa, who is a Christian steps in as governor, the burning anger of Muslims in that state should be tended with the spirit of sportsmanship, as Nigeria does not operate her affairs with any religion’s constitution, but Nigeria’s. Yakowa becoming governor of Kaduna State after Sambo is a constitutional thing and was not intended to navigate the control of power in that state from the majority Muslims to the minority Christians. But it is time Nigerians accepted ‘either you are the leader or you are led’ irrespective of religion or creed. 

Even while Sambo was in the office as governor, was he not criticised as weakling and his government ran on corruption? Was Sambo a Christina or a Muslim? Religion should be eschewed and excommunicated from the politics of this clime as that perception is mawkish.

While Sambo is happy today (19th May, 2010) in Aso Rock, the alleged corrupt practices reportedly against him while in the office as Kaduna governor should have discouraged his appointment by Jonathan and also his confirmation by the National Assembly. It is very bad that he was confirmed voce-president without the agencies in charge of handling corruption cases telling Nigerians the cleared air of his alleged corrupt practices where they are. 

However, it is even corruption on the side of the National Assembly that on any little national issues that were brought to their desk, they cause row. For example, the confirmation of Sambo in the House of Representatives, which lasted for about half an hour was a test-tube that is still lingering with controversy. The Reps didn’t know if they should confirm Sambo as Vice-President or not, or resort to consulting constitutional experts, which they are not. And that was why Nigeria has lingered in development, because mediocrity is a dangerous disease that hampers any profession. 

Imagine where a House of Assembly turned to a choir group with Mr. Dimeji Bankole moderating as choirmaster. During the said exhibition of shenaniganism, those who wanted Sambo by all means were singing, “Give us Sambo”. While moderating, Bankole was saying, “I am pleading with colleagues to please take their seats and take this matter with sense of patriotism”.

The above “patriotism” depicts the level where the Reps were. It shows that there have been lost of “patriotism” in any dealings in the House, but sectional or regional interest is expedient. And it could be this ethnic interest that cleared the way for an alleged corrupt Namadi Sambo to be confirmed vice-president, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The confirmation of Sambo as Vice-President might not be bad as an individual and a citizen of the country, but it is bad on the ground that there were pending allegations of alleged corruption before him. The confirmation of an alleged corrupt Nigerian to the exalted office of Vice-president is a practice that can only be seen practiced in a nation without conscience like Nigeria. The world democrats don’t hold firm political positions when they are found wanton, they resign, or openly plead for their nationals’ forgiveness, but that is farfetched in Nigeria.

Politicians in Nigeria rarely resign. They will prefer to fight with their last “blood” and the Aso Rock connection they have and don’t have. This is the reason why Nigeria is still crawling @ 50. This is why a “poor” man hardly sue a “rich” man to court in Nigeria, because of “eye service” that is everywhere in the Nigeria’s business.

It will be very nice Jonathan watch that, instead of dilly-dallying with the governors from where he came from whom never wanted him to assume office as Acting President, late alone, as a substantive President. But who amongst them will accept this? None. Because everybody wants to associate with “success” but it is only men of integrity that would associate with failure and exhibit their mettle no matter what the shortcoming might be.

One man that has exhibited that courage is the “nailed” Eze Ogbulafo, who was on a “gun point” asked to resign as the PDP Czar having made a conscientious statement that the North would rule till 2015 because of the “gentle man” agreement in the PDP. His head was called for. A lot of political demagogues and political charlatans or better called yesmen said he has said heresy against the South-South or South-east, or is it to onathan? But Ogbulafo freed his conscience and was not playing the script of any region as was misconceived in many quarters, but the script that was written by the self-acclaimed largest party in Africa; if not only in the mastery of rigging elections: PDP.

However, even the North Ogbulafo was “defending” could not do any meaningful thing to elevate Nigeria from the era of primordiality to civility for the number of 35 years they ruled Nigeria. Yes, they ruled Nigeria out of development in everything for 35 years. It is time for Jonathan to give Nigerians good luck, with all the deprived dividends of democracy they had suffered in 1999- May 5th 2010. Let the National House members, Christians, Muslims, Nigerians or Sambo not be defocusing factors.

Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Author and a Media Consultant, is the Founder of Poet Against Child Abuse (PACA), Rivers State, Nigeria. Mobile: +2348032552855. Email: