Is Mike Ezuruonye Qualified To Emerge Malta Guinness Brand Face?

Nigeria’s contemporary malt drink, Malta Guinness, from the stable of Nigeria’s foremost brewery, Guinness Nigeria Plc, a multi award winning non-alcoholic brand of taste, quality with ‘Top of World Goodness’ energy and vitality, has scored another milestone by appointing one of Nigeria’s young,  versatile and highly creative actors as its brand face.

In this capacity, Actor Mike Ezuruonye would be expected to always be a worthy ambassador of the brand at the brand’s activities that may be organised to promote the marketing programmes of Malta Guinness. During the tenure of this appointment, he would also be present at the brand’s sponsored events, that may be in the areas of entertainment and any activity that would be of interest to the teeming consumers of this notable non-alcoholic drink. Mike Ezuruonye has featured in many flips that have topped Nigeria’s Home Video chats for a long while.   

Malta Guinness, the multi award winning non-alcoholic brand has been in the forefront of sponsoring exciting entertainment activities, which obviously has been adding to the ‘Top of the World’ Goodness feelings, which the consumers of this brand of taste have been savouring.

On the entertainment sphere, the non alcoholic brand, Malta Guinness, has continued to put smiles on the faces of the consumers and fun living Nigerians, through its annual sponsoring of the Malta Guinness Street Dance Africa, a national competition, which afforded gifted Nigerian youths to showcase their God given talents through dancing. This competition has produced notable Champions like Soul Quest for Season l and Streethood in season II that represented Nigeria at international dance competitions.

Soon after premiering its new TVC, christened ‘Word Up’ Malta Guinness, extended its entertainment sponsoring portfolio, by deciding to search for the DJ, that would come up with the best mix from the wheel of steel where the Malta Guinness theme song, would form the major platform, hence ‘Malta Guinness Mix Mania’ was born.

At the Malta Guinness Mix Mania competition, which took place at the prestigious La Lacachette Club, many notable DJs were brought together. They included DJ A2 from Benin, DJ Bethuel from Port Harcourt, DJ Grand Pa from Lagos, while DJ Eska and DJ Skyz from Jos were also amongst the pack.

After every standard of measure by the judges, DJ Bethuel from Port Harcourt carted away the grand prize, as he emerged the DJ with the best mix of songs that blended with the Malta Guinness theme song. Second placed winner was DJ Skyz from Jos; DJ Eska also from Jos came third behind his fellow compatriot from the same Plateau State, while DJ A2 from Benin and DJ Grand Pa from Lagos came fourth and fifth respectively. Deserving champions emerged after the epoch making Mix Mania Competition, which brought best DJs around the country together.     

Seeing Mike Ezuruonye, as the face of the notable brand, would further engender ‘Top of the World Goodness’ feelings amongst the teeming loyal consumers of the brand and Nigerians.

Coss Williams sent in this piece from Lagos