Is President Mills loosing it already?

It was very worrying to hear President Mills re-echoing the fact that he is the elected President of the Republic of Ghana and that there can be only one President at a time. It reminds of men who often tell their wives that I am your husband and the man of the house. Hmm! Once these statements starts coming out, it denotes a state of lack of control or loosing total command and authority. Renowned counsellors will tell you that once leaders start to verbally reiterate the fact that they are the ones in control that clearly demonstrates signs of cracking up in power.

I would have been very happy if President Mills had not gone that far to remind Ghanaians that he is the elected President and that there could be one President at a time. I desperately feel for the President for one or two reasons.

First of all, I think there are many who are still not convinced of the Rawlings-factor the influences from within. It is written that a man enemies are those from his own household. I am not suggesting that the former President is an enemy but recent public pronouncements about the pace with which President Mills is expediting action on perceived political opponents doesn help their relationship .I think President Mills faces an up-hill task to re-brand the image of the NDC by trying to make it a bit more diplomatic in its mundis operandis. I personally think if care is not taken, President Mills might fall out with former President Rawlings publicly before his tenure comes to an end. This will certainly result from the former trying to show the whole world that he is his own man and Rawlings persistently breeding on his neck with how he thinks his political opponents should be treated. Certainly you donb€™t need to be a prophet to know that the two men have different views on how to deal with political opponent. Whilst President Mills is the very diplomatic type, President Rawlings is the type.

Secondly, I think President Mills has shot himself in the foot by appointing both Mr. Ayariga and Mr. Anyidoho to do very identical jobs. A presidential spokesman or communications director is supposed to be the mouthpiece of the Presidency. In this case where you have two people doing the same job, issues might be reported or communicated differently by both of them which might not necessarily reflect the view of the Presidency. This will certainly bring confusion in his governance. President Mills might not realise this now but it will lead to Major cracks in his government. Imagine a case where two different radio media house call the two gentle at the same time to seek their opinion or clarification on an issue. It is very likely they would not say the say thing. I can clearly see a fall-out here too.

Lastly, if reports suggesting that the President’s statement was directed towards the NPP camp is anything to go by, I would say that President Mills has to continue his work and exercise his authority without fear or favour as he has already said and who knows he can even win over some of his worst critics. There are certainly too many issues we need to address as a nation and he cannot allow himself to be distracted by any unruly elements from his own party or opposition parties. He cannot afford to crack up at this earlier stage in his Presidency.

I will conclude by saying you never force people to respect you and accept you are in charge but you have to earn it. The way to earn it is to remain focus and deliver on his campaign promise. Mr. President be strong and courageous I pray that for the good of Ghana, God will help you deliver the goods.

By: Kweku Objective.

(This writer is always asking intuitive questions that will aid national development. My objective is to see a corruption free Ghana where people are given equal opportunities to excel irrespective of their tribe, colour, creed, religion, gender or age. Join Kweku Objective on this crusade) God Bless you!

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