Is Turai Yar’adua Our President?

The Editor: I was with the school of thought that President Yar’Adua was responsive when he lead Katsina State but may have changed otherwise now he is the President. I now feel that he allowed things that may have changed him. And I believe that the wife’s present attitude may be one of the main causes; she refused to be behind.

No wonder why Muslim extremists were not happy during one of Yar’Adua’s visit to the seat of the caliphate (Sokoto) sometime ago. As the president was alighting from the presidential aircraft, it was Turai that came out first and while waving to the crowd then followed Mr. President from a distance.

That did not please most of the people that came to the airport to receive their president. Some saw it as a sacrilege. It is being alleged that when the health of the president peaked as an issue and the frill man was to throw in the towel, it was Turai that threatened him with divorce once the resignation becomes real.

Another point is that the almighty first lady is alleged to have influenced the giving out of their daughters to the two governors – of Kebbi and Bauchi. It is being rumoured that a third one is about to be woven around the neck of the Sokoto governor. I once requested to marry one of the daughters but I was never given any opportunity.

It is becoming clearer that it is Turai ruling the presidency and this was widely reported by some sections of the media last year. It came like wild fire and as usual, in Nigeria, subsided to a point of no issue now.


Alhaji Musa Salem, Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Abuja