Israel Is An Outlaw And Lawless Nation, Like No Other!

Israeli nation is currently engaged in lawless, illegal and outlawed actions. Israel has operated in this ill manner frequently, all too often and without consequences and at the expense of Israel’s Arab and Persian neighbors since the 1948 creation and imposition of Israel on Arabs and Persians.

Israel has frequently engaged in plethora of actions which have been declared illegal and outrageous by the United Nations, the United States and the European Economic Union or the EEU-EEC and yet Israel continues with full speed ahead, to indulge in egregious actions which affronts all treaties, protocols and conventions

Israel literally and metaphorically dictates American foreign policy towards Israel, Arabs, Persians and the entire Middle East, Persian Gulf Region. And American entanglements in Iraq, Iran, Lebanon and to a large extent, Afghanistan, are inspired and motivated by America quest to support and “defend” Israel at all costs and even when it is not in America’s best strategic interests, measured whether in both short and long terms. The unthinking rush to support Israel at all costs, have resulted in the squanders of blood and treasure by America and that seem to continue without vigorous public debate by a plurality of Americans

A few weeks ago for instance, Vice President Joseph Biden was on an official visit to Israel, and upon his arrival there, Mr. Biden promptly announced that US policy on Iran and nuclear is because nobody can come between the US and Israel safety and security. And as if on cue and following a script, Mr. Biden, a sitting American vice president received a crude undiplomatic slap in the face; even Israeli press and media were caught off guard in surprise as Israeli government announced the start of construction of additional 1600 houses in East Jerusalem. Israeli Newspapers reported in screaming headlines, “Israel Slaps America In The Face Again And Embarrasses Vice President Biden

The question which should be asked is, but why is America smiling? Only a fool or buffoon would smile upon being slapped in the face, and America is no fool or buffoon, so why is America still smiling and encouraging Israel’s truancy, intransigence and recalcitrance in dealings with Palestinians, Arabs and Persians?

On Monday March 22, 2010, Mrs. Clinton effusively addressed American Israel Public Affairs Committee or AIPAC during which she loudly proclaimed America’s support for Israel as rock solid, this, even despite weeks of diplomatic row and public reaction over the uncouth and undiplomatic behavior by Israel, while VP Biden was Israel’s visitor and guest.

Israel is unrepentant, adamant and arrogant and yet, Mrs. Clinton attends AIPAC and Obama meets with Netanyahu and Senator George Mitchell is promptly dispatched to assure and reassure Netanyahu and then lunch with Obama

Mrs. Clinton glowingly states her personal commitment and entire administration’s heads over heels love for Israel; this attitude of effusively loving and hugging the wrongdoer, is exactly why Israel is power drunk, adamant and arrogant and hence, peace continues to elude Israel and Palestine and the entire Middle East… American engages in lopsided underhand deals with Israel at the expense of everyone else… The Americans have over and over shown that their are not an honest peace broker or dispassionate arbiter in the dispute between Israel and her Arabs and Persian neighbors

Israeli citizens married to Arabs are not allowed to live in Israel, because Israel want to keep its population free of Arabs… similar to miscegenation laws in Jim Crow America and Apartheid South Africa and this is ethnic cleansing (married and cannot live together for a whole year) men 35 women at 25 can get 6 months repeat extensions of stay, and such citizens are not allowed to work and have medical insurance this is a practice against right to love and raise family

Maintaining Israel as Jewish state and preventing Israel from becoming subsumed by Arabs populations, but bear in mind that the land where Israel is, is originally Arab, imagine the irony of the keeping a Jewish nation clear of Arabs and ethnic pure for Jews and cleanse of Arabs? Were any other nation on earth to engage in this practice by Israel, such nation would be accused of ethnic cleansing in search of ethnic and religious purity, which runs counter to a modern democratic state of a plural or multicultural type. Israel does have Jews, Arabs, and migrant workers from Asia and Africa

Israel killed a young and unarmed female American citizen but why is America smiling? Would America have smiled had these actions been undertaken by Palestine, Iraq or Iran or North Korea?
Biden goes and say, Mrs. Clinton restates that US and Israel has deep relationship blah blah blah
All this, even as Israel insists it will not change plans to expand settlement in East Jerusalem Netanyahu reaffirms plans to build 1600 houses with a blatant insult to VP Biden as Israel announced these settlements expansion as a banner greetings during the VP visit to Israel.

Israel have been emboldened over the years by formidable support by America and Europe. Israel is continually fortified by the United States which donates $5 billion dollars cash every year in financial aid, as well as supply to Israel advanced weapons and weapons technologies, while Arabs and Persians are denied the same or similar accoutrements and facilities

This historical advantage have been enjoyed by Israel and the expense of its Arabs and Persian neighbors and this have ensured a lopsided stacking of the deck in favor of Israel and have caused Israel to develop a mindset of itself as beyond reproach and beyond rebukes and any person, entity or nation which dares to buck the trend, is quickly harried, barraged and badgered with charges of being anti Semite, anti Jews and being anti Israel. Israelis and Jews worldwide who attempt redefine the narrative between Israel, Arabs and Persians to the middle and to a modicum of fair and balance debate, is labeled, castigated and attacked as was witnessed this week by J Street activists who were attacked and lampooned, for daring to criticize the arrogant and suicidal policies of Israel

Gutturals pronouncements by Netanyahu directed at Arabs and Persians which received guffaws and hilarities from AIPAC conference attendees in Washington DC on March 22nd, 2010, a conference which was earlier addressed by Mrs. Clinton, the United States Secretary of State. Israel reserves the option and will exercise such option against Iran. Netanyahu again spoke to AIPAC gloatingly and giddily and arrogant self contentment or even constipation

In the midst of all these, Israel PM reaffirms and stands firm, reasserted Israel right to build anywhere they want. These were the choice words and terms which were liberally deployed and used throughout American print and electronic media. It is as if everyone is preconditioned to used same words, terms and preconceived notions of Israel’s assumed superior right over Palestinians, Arabs and Persians.

In the face of criticism and condemnations which have greeted the planned expansion and the building of more Jewish settlements on Palestinians land and territories, many Israelis and Jews around the world have mounted spirited defense of the very obviously wrongheaded policies of Israel. The mayor of Jerusalem, who is not a Christian, resorted to biblical defense of Israel land grabs, the mayor stated that the city of Jerusalem is mentioned in the bible 663 times and not once in the Koran, but if everyone went by the bible and by the Koran and where the world was 2000 or 3000 ago, the world would be in chaos

The mayor of Jerusalem told a BBC interviewer that Jews pray for Jerusalem 3 times a day. He went on to add that Jews are not occupying since the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, but instead he insists that Jews are merely formalizing the reunification of Jerusalem from separation in biblical times, this is clearly an absurdum and most ludicrous!

All settlement activities must stop because they are illegal, and someone ought to drum this into the heads of Israeli political leaders and their supporters and enablers here in America; the bulk of Israel conducts regarding Palestine, Arabs and Persian neighbors are illegal, says UN, EEC, UK, US etc
These nonsensical biblical based arguments and references to Palestinians quarters and neighborhoods as Judea and Samaria are exercises in obfuscations. This was perfected and was frequently done or practiced by Ariel Sharon, the Israeli former military general and prime minister, and this entrenched attitude defeats every platitudes ever uttered in the name of peace talks or negotiations

The mayor of Jerusalem summoned illogic to becloud the solid evidence and facts of Palestinians’ ownership of their land and nation, as the mayor stated that Shalem is short form Hebrew word which means home, and Jerusalem, means home and that the whole of Jerusalem will be controlled and dominated by Jews, because Jerusalem is different from any city in the world, and no split is acceptable

British Turkish Roman occupied Jerusalem and they never claimed it, only Jews have ever claimed it and but belongs to Jews… Jerusalem is not a settlement, it Jewish capital? This is biblical gobbledygook and those who are hiding this spurious biblical arguments are disingenuous and dangerously inimical to peace. Jerusalem is heart and soul Jews and so it will be forever says Mayor of Jerusalem, but if we must follow the bible suasion to which Israeli politicians now heavily relies, the bible does say Jesus Christ return will be setting her symbolic feet on the soil of Jerusalem, does it mean that the next intractable internecine wars would be between Jews and Christians? Israel is enabled by her supporters, to arrogantly and adamantly, insist that Jerusalem is sacred ground and goes back 3,000 biblical certainty have been for Jews and Jews

Britain has expelled an Israel diplomat in connection with assassination of HAMAS leader, in which 12 British Passport were used, there is clear evidence that Israelis were involved in the passport swap and forgeries according to the serious crime branch of the British law enforcement apparatuses. Israeli diplomat in Britain is facing pressure over the use of British citizen passports to engage in forgeries and murder of a HAMAS helmsman. Israel has used 12 British passports in the past and Israel had assured Britain and yet, Israel repeats such crime. Germany, Ireland, Australia also had their passport used by Israel in murders

Here are some of the very many actions which Israel have taken against its Arabs and Persians neighbors of which Israel have merely received criticisms with smiles, winks and nods. It is public knowledge that there is no other nation on earth which can get away with half of all the egregious illegalities that have been ramped up by Israel

1. Israel deports children of migrant workers who have lived in Israel for decades in ethnic cleansing, as Israel excuses and justifies its actions on the very tenuous ground of keeping Israel “pure” as Jewish religious nation.

2. Israel unilaterally takes properties of Arabs and reallocate land to newly arriving Jewish settlers on lands that are undisputedly the proper properties of Palestinians in Palestinian territories and nation as contemplated by the so-called two states solution of Israel and Palestine coexisting side by side. Netanyahu compared continued expansion in East Jerusalem to doing same in Tel Aviv, he pretends ignorance of the volatile nature, the utter provocation and inflammatory nature of Israeli recent land-grabs in Palestine.

3. Israel recently took a large swath of Palestinian Arab territory and declared it as an Israel religiously relevant site and as a matter of course, Israel expect Palestinians to go away quietly

4. Israel with a population of about 5 million, receives more foreign aid than ten poorer nations on earth put together, and Israel squander these monies on erecting stone and steel apartheid walls against children, women and the elderly, all in the name of security for Israel, instead of actually examining the root causes of Palestinian resistance which arises from Israel’s land grabs and occupation and manacling of Palestinians on their on land

5. Israel is notorious worldwide as the champion and progenitor of nations which surreptitiously clandestinely procure nuclear weapons. Israel have aggressively promoted and marketed a patented nonsense also known as “strategic ambiguity” which is the idea of saying no and yes whenever asked pointed questions as to having or not having nuclear weapons and such capabilities. And so, Israel is one such nation with undeclared nuclear weapons, nuclear capability and without nuclear inspections as Israel is not a signatory to IAEA nuclear nonproliferation treaties. And yet, Israel and supporters of Israel are quick to cry hypocritical crocodile tears, over Iran nuclear ambitions, as was Iraq before Iran.

6. Strategic Ambiguity as a term and mode of operation copyrighted by Israel was employed again recently, as Israel refuses to confirm or deny the daring assassination of a HAMAS leader in broad daylight in Dubai in which Israeli MOSSAD signature and fingerprints were seen by many observers worldwide. Britain is threatening to expel an Israel diplomat out of London because Britain linked Israel’s Intelligence Services as fraudulently and illegally procuring passports of several British citizens in the assassination project and operations which were carried out in Dubai.

In effect, Israel engages in targeted killings, state sponsored terrorisms, assassinations, invasions and occupations, land-grabs and territorial conquest only identical with medieval crusades and colonialism of more than 300 years ago. And yet, some are content to pretend that Israel does no wrong and that reactions from Palestine, Arabs and Persians are unreasoned, unthinking and motivated by the search of virgins and religious bloodbath and bloodlusts?

7. Israel killed Amy Currie of Seattle an American who was in a peaceful protest… imagine if another nation other than Israel had killed an unarmed American engaged in peaceful protest?

The so-called roadmap to peace between Israel and Palestine has since been shredded by the ineptitude of President George W. Bush administration. There are too many actions by Israeli government which ensures total collapse of any pretense of peace talks negotiations, there are too many road blocks which makes basic daily life miserable for Palestinians and there are still thousands of Palestinians prisoners in Israeli prisons.

There are these outrageous and alarming, suffocating actions which stifles and stymies political and economic growth and stability in Palestine, including excruciating Israeli military blockade and the United Nations Secretary General Mr. Ban Kim Moon, and fourteen months later, the blockade is still in place even as UN Secretary General visit’s the areas. Mr. Ban Ki Moon condemns Israel East Jerusalem

Netanyahu despite all this, get a private meeting and express pass to the White House to meet with President Obama. This is happening, soon after the slap in the face meted out to VP Joe Biden by Israel during Mr. Biden recent visit to Israel. This slap in the face subsequent provocative statements by Mr. Netanyahu before leaving Israel for a visit to the US and further provocative and inflammatory statement by Netanyahu since arriving the US and in particular, while addressing AIPAC, ought to act as a wake up call for America. But instead, Netanyahu earns a coveted invitation to see Mr. Obama again. And as a precursor, Mrs. Clinton effusively proclaims that her relationship with Israel and is the same with entire Obama administration and all of America and she said proudly, it is forever, with such money back guarantee why should Israel alter or modify their behaviors?

Israel should be encouraged to engaged in more responsible behavior in the Middle East and to be more respectful in her relations with the United States which Israel has taken for granted. Israel continues to receive billions in US foreign aid dollars every year. Israel receives military hardware and software from the United States, which are not similarly available to Palestine, Arab and Persian nations, and yet, Israel shows or demonstrates very little respect or care what the United States thinks of Israel’s domestic and foreign policies, in fact, Israel has spied on the United States and other nations in western Europe so many times. And on Tuesday, March 23rd 2010, British Foreign Secretary Mibrand advised British citizens to be mindful and watch their passports if visiting Israel in view of Israel’s theft of several passports of British citizens for assassination enterprise in Dubai. Britain has formally expelled an Israeli diplomat from London.

Former United States President Jimmy Carter has forthrightly described current American policy on Israel-Palestine peace negotiations and peace as fumble and stumble and I suspect this as a deliberately calibrated policy. Why else would VP Biden endure that recent humiliation during his visit to Israel, and then, there is this stampede soon thereafter t coddle and embrace Israel, Netanyahu and AIPAC by Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama?

The benign contempt of AIPAC for Clinton, the applause for her when she praised Israel and the loud silence when she chastised Israel for her arrogance and insults to Biden and Netanyahu unapologetic comments before and since arriving in the US ominously demonstrates where the lever of control is.

The more than 7000 American Jews in a three day conference with casts of speakers, who were speaking in favor of Israel were testament to who pulls that power lever and who controls American foreign policy and why America appears heading for a self-destructive path in support of Israel.

American Jews with dissenting opinions are marginalized and ignored and muted and this was again made clear in Washington DC during these several days of AIPAC conference.
The truth of the matter is that, American Jews and all supporters of Israel, including the Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton, and President Obama himself, need to show Israelis tough love and tell them bitter truths.

Bitter truths, including the need for Israel to aspire to conduct itself as a mature nation and to get out of the gory, sordid business of targeted killings, assassinations, arrogant land grabs, unilateral invasions and occupations of other nations, arbitrary seizures, confiscations and or demolitions of properties of Palestinians, desist from imposing punishing blockades and ethnic cleansing based on whether a person in Israel is Jewish or not etc. Israel should learn to follow the norm, treaties, conventions and protocols and refrain from illegalities and lawlessness. Israel should stop being an outlaw nation. 

Israel Is An Outlaw And Lawless Nation, Like No Other!
Written by Paul I. Adujie