Joint Squad of Police and Soldiers Storm Ibori’s House despite Court Ruling

Press statement                                                 20/4/10

james IboriA large detachment of a Joint Force of Mobile Policemen, soldiers from the Army, the Air Force and Navy, plus plain clothes men, believed to belong to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission stormed Chief James Onanefe Ibori’s Oghara, Delta State home this evening. They came in seven Hilux Pick Up vans and two Peugeot Expert vans that had all vehicle lights on. They were led by two motor-cycle out-riders. 

They harassed and manhandled people they met at Ibori’s home before spreading the mayhem they brought with them into Oghara town, making people to run helter-skelter, as there was panic everywhere.  

This show of naked despotism and reign of rabid impunity was done despite the Court ruling of 19/4/10 of the Federal High Court, Asaba, that the status quo was maintained. In open court the EFCC counsel made an undertaking that EFCC would maintain the status quo, thus making the Judge not to grant and express court injunction. 

Please, Find attached the Court ruling of Monday, April 19, 2010. 

The relevant portion, dealing with the status quo is from page seven, paragraph two to page eight. 

See details of the relevant portions as quoted verbatim in my earlier statement.


Tony Eluemunor

Media Assistant to Chief Ibori. 

Press Release.                                                                                         20/4/10 


Chief James Onanefe Ibori wishes the entire world to know that the Federal Government as is currently led by Acting President Goodluck Jonathan has disobeyed the ruling of the Federal High Court Asaba to maintain the status quo in the case between him and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). Instead the President has ordered the Police and the EFCC to disobey the court ruling and arrest him. 

In a press statement from his Media Assistant, Tony Eluemunor, Ibori said that the order as reported in the news media of Tuesday 20/4/10, from the President to the Inspector General of Police to arrest him, was in total violation of the court order of the previous day. According to the Certified True Copy of Justice I. N. Buba’s eight-page ruling of the Federal High Court, Asaba, of Monday 19th April 2010, starting from page 7, paragraph two to the final page, (please see attached entire eight-page ruling as scanned document) “On the issue of the preservative order I have considered the submissions of the Learned Senior Counsel Mr. J. B. Daudu and Mr. C. Okoromah. I am of the considered opinion that since Mr. Okoromah had submitted that since they received the court Process they have not done anything, I will equally take it that they will not do anything to prejudice the fair trial of this case. I take the words of the Counsel as his bond i.e: “We would not do anything that will make the determination of this matter a fait accompli.” 

“In the light of the statements, I believe parties will respect the rule of Law and allow the court seized of this matter to determine it, as the only authority in Nigeria that can decide disputes between parties, government and indeed all authorities are subject to law and the jurisdiction of the Courts to which disputes are constitutionally vested and decided”. 

As the first step in defiling the court order, the Police withdrew Ibori’s police guards early Tuesday.  of course, the number of Ibori’s former Police guards was nowhere near the dozens they bandied about in the media reports. Also, EFCC agents have been harassing people in Ibori’s houses in Lagos, Abuja and Oghara in total disregard of that court order. 

Signed: Tony Eluemunor.


Media Assistant to Chief Ibori.