Jonathan Refutes US Strategists Report On PDP Primaries

Our attention has been drawn to a report published in an online news medium, alleging that President Goodluck Jonathan plans to bribe yet to be identified PDP delegates with cash from Federal Government funds to influence his widely anticipated victory at the PDP primaries.

The story itself explains its source, in a desperate campaign of calumny to portray the president in bad light and pre-judge the outcome of the forthcoming PDP presidential primaries, in which he is evidently the man to beat.

But if it is about calumnious material, then there are others who have more to fear, including rattling skeletons in dusty cupboards, than President Jonathan would ever have.

In spite of this, the president in pursuit of fair play and an impartial contest, has urged all his aides and supporters to stay away from the line of calumny. There is hardly any need to ruffle feathers since we would need all the other contestants when, by the grace of God, the president wins the primaries in a fair and square contest.

We advise purveyors of these repugnant stuff to desist forthwith, for it is indeed a game two can play! We only desist in the interest of peace and our avowed commitment to fairplay.

Others must needfully emulate the candour and uuprightness of the president and step back from the path of wilful malice and character assassination.

The president is confident in the power of discernment of those who will emerge as PDP delegates, and as such does not require to pay any one, least of all from the public till, for his or her vote.

Nigerians know the masters of governance by settlement and it is no Jonathan.

Ima Niboro

Special Adviser, Media and Publicity, to the President

October 28, 2010