Kaduna’s Obalende where women scramble for men protitutes

IT is one place in Kaduna where people of all ages visit to while away the time and catch some fun – They call it Obalende, perhaps after the ever- bustling area in a Lagos suburb known for women, wine and other illicit acts which men commit under the darkness of the night. Kaduna’s Obalende is located in the heart of Kaduna North, along the ever- busy Bonny Road and Maiduguri Road. It is a place that, in

recent times, carved a niche for itself as the last point standing in an area that once craved to be a religious enclave.

To most city dwellers in the old crocodile city (Kaduna means Crocodiles), it is no longer news that Obalende is a place where fun seeking men could get women of easy virtue, beer or other alcoholic drink to buy and sneak into a nearby hotel for a short fling or a full length sexual adventure. Obalende has now turned into an area where, perhaps due to the global economic downturn and high unemployment rate, boys neatly dressed could be seen parading the area in anticipation of lady toasters who normally drive in big cars to pick such boys to hidden destinations after agreeing on fee.

Hard as Sunday Tribune tried to talk to one Kusa who claimed to be in his early 20s, about his being a male prostitute in an area where even female prostitution is frowned at, the discussion could not last long because he demanded for beer and a roasted chicken before the discussion could continue. To him, it is an exciting adventure where apart from the economic benefit, rich and healthy women from all religions and social strata patronise us under strict confidentiality.

He however explained further that it is an exciting experience to be involved in the oldest trade as a man, because even if one is not going to be paid, the frills and thrills are enough to provide one with all the joy and excitement one would need to convert loneliness and forget about being neglected in a world dominated by a lucky few.

Big women with bulging handbags, some of them easily mistaken to be married, besiege the area at night to pick the young Turks on patrol for subsequent sexual adventure. Although Kusa tried to avoid questions since what he requested for were not forthcoming, he however expressed delight that he was able to save up to N37,000 in recent times from an exciting encounter with two able women who were, presumably sex starved by their spouses.

All we do is to get dressed at night, stay in a nearby corner and the women come in big, tinted-glass cars talking to us. They always pretend to get lost while driving and would cajole one of us to offer a helping hand. As soon as you get into their cars, negotiation proper begins and they offer as much as N2, 000 for an erotic encounter.

Kusa said they used to enjoy great patronage at the NAF Club area before they were forced to leave, adding that nothing could be so sweet than to be in the bosom of an healthy lady who dishes out cash to her young Romeo in appreciation of a sexual encounter. The NAF Club area, he remembered with nostalgia, was more lucrative because of its strategic nature and high brow status. Even young girls, he said, oftentimes negotiate to them although they don’t pay as much.

Corroborating what Kusa said, a manager of one of the hotels near the NAF Club area, who craved for anonymity, said male prostitution flourishes in the area. In spite of the constant harassment, such boys continue to find their ways into the area to try their luck especially when there are visiting artists who normally attract a large audience comprising of mainly ladies.

The manager referred Sunday Tribune to a lady, Kristie who he said, would tell more on how the racket operates because some of the gigolos were her friends but the lady could not say much as she ran away to a nearby shop laughing.

One good thing about Obalende is that business is always a 24-hour thing in the area. It houses several popular hotels and brothels where ladies from all parts of the country could be found. Interestingly, they always insist on condoms unless if the client is ready to pay extra charge before they zero their mind on what they call suicide. Some of the commercial sex workers, who flood the area, also agree on petrol or gas. Petrol, they say, means the normal pussy and dick game while gas is anal sex which in recent times, appears to be gaining much ground among those in the expensive enterprise. Petrol at its best fetches nothing more than N2, 000 per night but gas would attract from N20, 000 to N30, 000, according to investigation. Business, the ladies say, was good during the recent Kada games because the area is close to the Ahmadu Bello Stadium.

Sex workers operating in the area could be full time or short time depending on the economic strength of the client, but the police in recent times have made sure that short flings in cars are not easily possible. Luckily for them, cheap hotels abound where one could pay a token of between N200 to N500 for an hour or two with his Juliet. According to an insider, those on short-time are the girls occupying the brothels who dress in skimpy clothes to attract customers by dancing to sweet pop and high life tunes to catch the attention of men. Business is however, not as usual as the police patrol the area regularly to make sure that it is not a hideout for men of the underworld.

From Sunday Tribune