Lagos Speaker warns Fashola


Speaker of Lagos State House of Assembly Adeyemi Ikuforiji yesterday reiterated his warning to Governor Babatunde Fashola(SAN) to shun praise singers and face his job. He insisted that the accolades and praises showered on the administration could be misleading, urging the governor to strive at improved performance.

Ikuforiji told reporters at the yearly “Meet the Press” programme in Ikeja, the state capital, that although the governor had tried, there is still room for improvement. 

He cautioned against insinuation that only Lagos State government is working, pointing out that the governors of Rivers, Gombe and Akwa- Ibom are also doing well. 

Ikuforiji dismissed as untrue the rumour that the House of Assembly was pushing for the impeachment of Governor Fashola, clarifying that he has not been accused of any offence. 

However, he said the House would continue to assert itself because it is not an annex or appendage of the executive. 

The Speaker said he had no personal conflict with the governor, adding that he only spoke the truth to him during the budget presentation in the House. 

He maintained that while a lot of people praised the governor, they did point to what he had left undone. 

“Between I, Adeyemi Ikuforiji and Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola, there is no personal problem. But, let me repeat that the Lagos State House of Assembly, which comprises 40 members, led by me, is determined to create an institution that will ensure the entrenchment of democracy and democratic practices and serve as an example for this country,” he stressed. 

Ikuforiji said even if his position would cost him his liberty and other material gains, he would not relent in speaking the truth. 

He said his advice to the governor was devoid of insult and abuse. 

“He(Fashola) was not even part of the political game before. He was not used to praise-singing. If people continue to sing-praise him, it may derail his programme. That is not right. The governor has to be told the truth. 

‘As Lagosians, are you satisfied? Do you want us to stay where we are? Can’t we do better? I am in a position, as Speaker, to judge the governor more than any other person. The constitution gives me the right to know and ask questions. I am the one who knows how much I have allocated to the government,” he added. 

Ikuforiji expressed surprise at the criticisms of some elderstatesmen, media executives and academic who objected to his advice to the governor.

He said the advertorials by the governor and former commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr Dele Alake has validated his arguments.

He said he had the option of deceiving the governor for pecuniary gains, but decided to act in the interest of the state. 

“Let it be said loud and clear: what I told the governor is the honest truth. We can do better, and we will do better,” Ikuforiji added. 

The Speaker said there was no plan to impeach the governor, explaining that it was an insinuation that cannot be substantiated.