Lawmakers…Lawbreakers…Democrazy at work!!!

Democracy has been defined as government of the people for the people and by the people, but to one of the most intelligent and radical musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti; Democracy is Demo-Crazy -Demonstration of Craze. Looking critically at the definition of Democracy by the “Abami-eda” one would certainly appreciate his high level of creativity and foresightedness.

Since 1999, Nigerians have witnessed series of Drama in the name of Democracy and self governance; Lawmakers are the main actors while the “political-shift of post” is the suspense in the drama. Political players are the “BOSS” in disguise as political analysts.
Series of Law has been made, series of law been broken! -Democracy at work!
Sometimes, i wonder if many people see what am seeing? I wonder if some people really know the game being played by the “political players”….ah sorry, analyst. Just yesterday i see clearly what many people don’t see, i learnt another lesson through one of the drama acted by Ogun lawbreakers…sorry…lawmakers at Abeokuta and in Lagos.
I also see how political players canvass people to their side.
As a responsible person, i reserve my comment for another day -my comment to some political players who accused me of only reporting the new break and not taking side -why should i take side? is it not a news break? -you can only accuse me if it is an article and i know if the article don’t come to your side you will accuse me again!
All these people are political players not analyst; am a journalist not a politician and i don’t want some stupid political players dragged me into the “political-pit” that they are in now. I know where they belonged to in 1999, 2003, 2007 and where they are going in 2010. I don’t want people to push me to the wall but if you do this time “Kasala go bust”!
Please, let the sleeping Dog lie and let me do my work; dont persuade me to join you in the stincking water of ….poli-tric
As for those that don’t know much about them but just comment blindly…..facebook is an openn forum -think deep and ask questions…… a journalist, am to show you the way not to take you there!