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 These are the events Leading the news today:

1. Zimbabwe: Barack Obama Plans Increased Pressure On Mugabe
Newly elected US President Barack Obama is in discussion with his top African advisers on adopting a fresh and robust approach towards restoring democracy in Zimbabwe.

2. Macy Gray: I Never Said I Have the “Hots for Barack Obama
Macy Gray is not happy with a report that says she has the “hots for Barack Obama” and wants “to have his kids.” The New York Post ran an item Thursday in their Page Six column that quotes Gray as saying: “I’m in love with Barack Obama…I wanna get married. Why am I not Michelle? You know, why can’t I be her?” The songstress claimed the Post’s item had “false and ridiculous” reporting.

3. Barack Obama Secondary School in Kenya to Receive $35,000 in Proceeds from January 20 Africa-themed Inaugural Ball in …
Washington, D.C. — Donation made possible through proceeds from “Africa on the Potomac: The Pan-African Inaugural Celebration of President Barack Obama”.

4.Nigeria foreign reserves drop to $50.9 bln

Nigeria foreign reserves drop to $50.9 bln
Nigeria‘s foreign currency reserves dropped to 50.9 billion dollars this week from 57.2 billion dollars at the end of December 2008, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) said Tuesday.
  • The Japanese government has assisted Nigeria with about $4.2bn[N600bn] since independence, its Ambassador in Nigeria, Toshitsugu Uesawa has said.

6. Nigeria: Senate Rejects Goodluck as Acting President (Leadership) The not-too- cordial relationship between the executive and the legislature turned frosty yesterday, as the Senate said it would not recognise Vice President Goodluck Jonathan as the acting president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.