Message from Ekiti State

The Ekiti debacle is sending urgent messages, please let’s pay attention.

1. That Nigeria would face a serious crisis if in an election; the incumbent comes face to face with a strong and determined opposition. Our weak structures simply cannot withstand the strain.

2. The Ekiti debacle teaches us that there is no hope for Nigeria under Yar’Adua.

3. Any thinking president would have, at least used the Ekiti bye-election to demonstrate that he is really sincere about election reforms, that Akunyili’s rebranding project must mean something.

4. It is now obvious that the opposition would never win an election in Nigeria.

5. That Nigeria as presently constituted is incapable of conducting a free and fair election.

6. It could also mean that President Yar’Adua is not in control of his administration.

7. A strong president is far better than a weak one; at least he would have the backbone to push his agenda.

What to do?

  • The stakeholders in the Nigeria project should start now to fashion our own peculiar model for “democratic” succession.
  • The AC, Atiku and Pa Anthony Enahoro should immediately suspend this nonsense about a mega-party, lest a strong opposition push us finally over the cliff.
  • Whoever can exercise any leverage over Yar’Adua should advice him to quietly finish his 1 term and retire to Katsina State for the sake of Nigeria.
  • Finally, shouldn’t we start thinking seriously about allowing ourselves to be re-colonised?