More Lagos Nude Clubs Uncovered

As the State Government continues to clampdown on clubs where young ladies dance stark naked and practice live sex on stage to entertain their patrons, P.M.NEWS investigations have revealed that there are even more of such clubs in Lagos. One of such strip clubs, which is still open to the public, is called KNIGHT

and is located at Crispee House, 125 Ogba Road, Guinness Round About, off Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja. The other nude club is called Millennium Cocoa Bar and is located toward the end of Oke-Ira in Ogba.

Knight Club is open for business between Sundays and Wednesdays. While Wednesday show is called Ladies’ Nite, Thursday and Friday shows are respectively referred to as Makosa Nite and Club Nite. Saturday is called House Party and Sunday is exclusively for bankers and is referred to as Bankers’ Nite. The club is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays to allow the strip dancers to rest.

Knight Club opens at about 6 o’clock in the evening, but the strip dance begins around 9 pm and ends in the wee hours of the following day. On Fridays and Saturdays of every week, the club is filled to the brim as the four strip dancers at the club bare it all.

P.M.NEWS observed this week that the strip dancers are no longer removing their pants on stage and the pole they used to dance around was removed after four other strip clubs were shut down by the Lagos State Government on 3 November.

A source at the club told P.M.NEWS that the Chairman of the club, known as Uncle Tunde ordered for the removal of the pole to deceive the Lagos State Environmental Taskforce and Special Offences Unit that it is normal dance that is practiced on stage, in case they pay a surprise visit to the club.

Our source said: “You know what is happening now. The taskforce officials did not come here when they raided the other clubs, may be they did not know, but Uncle Tunde said we should remove the pole. Now, we don’t remove our pants, but all other services are still there.”

checks revealed that lap dance costs N 2, 000 and takes place at the VIP section, which is a small dark area with four couches and two tables. The cabin, where sex is practiced, costs N10, 000. The drinks go for between N300 for soft drinks and N10, 000 for spirits. The gate fee is free on Wednesdays and Thursdays but attracts N2, 000 on Fridays.

Millennium Cocoa Bar owned by an Edo hotelier and located towards the end of Oke-Ira, Ogba, had before now prided itself as the ‘club with the most beautiful girls.’

Patrons who visit this club are allowed entry after paying a gate fee of N2,000. However, inside the oval shaped club, the girls begin by enticing every patron with lap dance without any charges.

But for just N500, a patron is given a dildo (artificial penis) to ‘play with the girl to the admiration of every other person inside the club.

Other materials freely used by the girls on their private parts include candles and empty bottles of minerals.

However, for patrons who want to go a little further, are taken to the VIP section after paying between N8, 000 to N10, 000 depending on the particular girl they want.

P.M.NEWS learnt that there are other nude clubs in the state that are not open to the public but rather have members. Such clubs, it was gathered, are located in Lekki and Victoria Island. There are indications that there are several nude clubs operating underground in the city.

The Lagos State Government on 3 November 2009 shut down four strip clubs on the Opebi-Allen axis of Ikeja and arrested 33 nude dancers and two of the clubs’ managers.

The four nude clubs are Wallstreet, Club Unique, Magic City and Cazzbah. Wallstreet is located at 70B Allen Avenue while Club Uniquen is on Ogundana Street off Allen Avenue. Magic City formerly Ocean Blue, is adjacent to Sweet Sensation Bus Stop Opebi and Cazzbah is adjacent to Opebi Bus Stop.

On Fridays and Saturdays of every week, these four exclusive adult spots were filled to capacity with Magic City drawing the biggest crowd because of the ingenuity of the owners especially on Fridays, where sex was practiced on stage by two female dancers who used artificial sex organs to entertain the faithful crowd.

Apart from Cazzbah, where the gate fee was N2, 000 everyday of the week, in the other places, it was N1, 000 between Sunday and Thursday and N2, 000 on Fridays and Saturdays.

The daily show usually started at about 8 O’clock and peaked around 11 p.m. when the hall was filled to the brim.

The belly dancers covered their bodies with only panties and gradually undressed as they danced around a pole until they were stark naked, to the delight of the patrons who showed appreciation by throwing money at them. The more money was thrown, the more the exotic dancers displayed.