Namadi Sambo as Vice President, Kaduna Indigenes react

Some indigenes of Kaduna State have told that the man President Goodluck Jonathan has nominated as his vice president, Mohamed Namadi Sambo, may not be the best choice for the country. A respondent said Namadi had no ambition to run for governorship in 2007, “he was drafted into the race less than a month to the party primaries to stand against Senator Isaiah Balat because the powers that be in the state felt no southern kaduna man should rule the state because of their selfish reasons.

Since he came in 2007 there is nothing to show for his being in government apart from the security outfit Operation Yaki that he inherited from the past governor Makarfi. The financing of the outfit comes from the joint account of the state and local govt. So what has he done for the state? Nothing! Just like the Goodluck that is coming towards the president, we from the southern extraction of the state are happy and sad at the same time. Happy that God in Heaven has heard our cry by creating this opportunity for one of us to become the governor even if it is for 12 months, and sad because am not sure Namadi is going to contribute anything positively to the country’s development.

After much horse-trading, President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday yielded to the wish of governors and picked one of them, Governor Namadi Sambo of Kaduna State as Vice-President-designate.

His decision followed a meeting with the governors last night where they also agreed to withdraw their support for the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Prince Vincent Ogbulafor who is undergoing trial for corruption.

But a Nigerian observer said: “This obviously shows Jonathan’s hand. He picks a first-term Governor with the support of the Governors. The first-term Governor is willing to give up the prospect of a second-term because it is possible he can be Vice-President or even President in the next five years banking on the support of the Governors who are mostly first-termers.

I hope that with all these calculations, service to the nation will get a look in because there is a lot that needs to be done to fix the country.

As for Kaduna itself, I hope the new Governor and his kinsmen will not allow this opportunity slip. He should make an impact as quickly as possible.

Overall if things are not handled well at the national and state levels, with the unfolding scenario we may just be getting into very turbulent waters

Another indigene of Kaduna State who does not want his name in print told “Nnamadi is not competent to be vice president. But all the same I am happy becausee southern kaduna has gained leadership at last As an indigene of Kaduna state & A Christian, maybe I should be happy that for the first time someone from Southern Kaduna, a Christian is going to get the opportunity to be governor of the state but it makes me sad. What has Namadi really accomplished in Kaduna”?


Namadi just parades himself as an architect with nothing to show for it, I quite agree that Namadi is going to be a national disaster…another mistake maybe”.

By this singular act it goes to show that the men do not have a single vision………both the appointor and the appointee at all levels!”

Namadi sambo as vice president those not sound good.Goodluck should make a second thought” 

“Goodluck is a fool…he will soon change to bad luck”