“Nasir el-Rufai is Desperate”

The Desperate Mimicry of Nasir el-Rufai by Kennedy Emetulu

Nasir El Rufai“I want youths to know that positive change has come to Nigeria. Let me cite an example. Some years back a certain man promised Nuhu Ribadu that he will have him sacked, demoted, dismissed from the police and arrested. Today by the Grace of God, Nuhu is cleared of all charges while this man has been arrested and arraigned abroad. The victory of evil over good is temporary”. – Nasir el-Rufai 


The above is another hollow bugle sounding from the Nasir el-Rufai pulpit. I actually copied it from his page here on Facebook. The little liar thinks he can continue to pull the wool over the eyes of Nigerians by taking the front seat to address the “youths” after his godfather, Babangida had declared them unfit to lead. Now, after going through the charade of being “docked” by the EFCC, he cynically announces to the youths the arrival of positive change in Nigeria, heralded, of course, by him and his gang of clueless Lilliputians! And still holding on to the coattails of Nuhu Ribadu, he releases this tale by moonlight of someone promising to have Ribadu skinned and roasted and how today, through the intervention of God, Nuhu is cleared of all charges “while this man has been arrested and arraigned abroad” The moral of the story? “The victory of evil over good is temporary”. 

Yet this is the problem with evil which Nasir el-Rufai epitomizes in all its gory glory. It can mimic good and godliness so perfectly that even otherwise mentally strong people will fall for the trick without realizing it. Evil can wear the mask of goodness and charm the birds off their perch. I mean, this is the same el-Rufai who ran away from Nigeria as a fugitive of justice when he was called upon to explain his alleged corrupt dealings as FCT minister. At the time, he traversed the world, telling anyone that’d listen that the charges against him were politically motivated because Musa Yar’Adua, his evil twin brother wants him dead! Today, he has the cheek to taunt Ibori and call God in the same breath when, in truth, there’s basically no difference between both of them. The same Ibori who was his friend, who was Obasanjo’s friend and with whom they worked closely to ruin Nigeria, that is the same Ibori he wants us to see as different simply because the latter is unlucky to have been part of the temporarily hobbled, but not entirely overthrown Yar’Adua section of the ruling establishment? 

No one should be deceived, youths or elders. There is no positive change coming to Nigeria. It is the same old game of musical chairs. Nasir el-Rufai, James Ibori, Goodluck Jonathan, Olusegun Obasanjo, Ibrahim Babangida, Namadi Sambo, Theophilus Danjuma, David Mark, the Yar’Aduas and so on are all members of one army, the same army whose members take turns (in different configurations, cabals and alignments) giving orders for punishment and reward amongst their ranks in an unending power game – all depending on what the present individual or group interest is. But even as they do this, they are tightening the noose more around the neck of the conquered Nigerian masses whose days of suffering and bad governance continue unabated. 

So, Nasir el-Rufai should save his preachments for the kids who do not know where the rain started beating them. Of course, he can go on presenting himself as some new hero and change agent while the EFCC and the powers that be go through the usual ‘Asabanisation’ of his case with the Commission. After all, what is good for Ibori in Justice Awokulehin’s court in Asaba is good for el-Rufai anywhere he’s arraigned in Nigeria, as far as his godfathers remain in charge. But he should be told that he’s trying too hard to sell this dead-in-the-water revolution supposedly sweeping Nigeria. He can smartly run with the hares and viciously hunt with the hounds and have as many fans on Facebook as the sands on the seashore; but those who are discerning know to put him in his place. We know that like Ibori, he is an enemy of the Nigerian people – a thief protected in today’s Nigeria. The pretence of a prosecution by EFCC is therefore noted; but as he himself said, the victory of evil over good is temporary. So, let him enjoy his evil rewards while it lasts.