Nigeria has gone MAD!!

Even in the most Industrialized nations, judges are given protection, especially when they are exposed to controversial decisions. There are also security outfits licensed to carry arms that can provide

private protection. In Nigeria, politics is synonymous with intimidation and murder. Why in the world, when Nigeria has other issues to deal with, our presidency will be willing to use the Office of the president to intimidate it’s judicial?

I think YarAdua woke up in the morning with his faculties gone. This action lacks any form of logic and increases the scrutiny on his state of mind. It makes the stories about him living in a mental home for 3 years plausible. I think this government is seeking chaos, and if it continues this way will indeed turn Nigeria into a firestorm.

There are issues about fairness of elections, and many Nigerians believe that Maurice Iwu should be taken out of the electoral helm, yet this government wants to continue imposing him on Nigeria. It is arguable that at this point, Nigeria is accelerating towards anarchy. What does the constitution say regarding protection of Judges? What does the constitution say about people who can afford personal armed security?

A government which fails to create a secure environment for it’s citizens, and then strips people of conscience in the judiciary of their protection, can not be seen in any light of responsibility. Yes, Nigeria has been taken over by a Mafia. The evidence of the office of the presidency requiring it’s staff to swear allegiance to the presidency rather than the country is further evidence of the malfeasance in Leadership.

from Femi Animashaun