Nigeria is a diamond in the dirt (of bad leadership) – Kevin J

Kevin J also goes by another name, Oluwakevin. Speaking to journalists in Lagos on the 10/10/10 at the Expo Centre of Eco Hotels and Suites, Lagos, at the recently Basketmouth’s Lord of the Rib show, this United Kingdom-born comedian said that he didn’t believe the development he saw in Nigeria, with over

 four thousand Nigerians in the hall of the show, to enjoy comedy. 
Apart from being born in the UK, Kevin J is a white man to the core but he said that he understands Nigerian cultures having lived with Yoruba people in the North of his country for twenty two years, and also with other Africans, people from Caribbean and Asia on the list. 
Why his choice for Oluwakevin, Kevin J said that he believes that God comes first in his life and this was why he prefixed Oluwa to his name. (Oluwa, meaning God in Yoruba). 
This comedian who said that he had a girlfriend who is a Nigerian, not only said that he eats pounded yam with egusi and ogbono, but that he speaks the Nigerian Pigin English like “How Far?” and “Wetin”. 
Beating his chest, he boasts that he is well known in the United Kingdom for nearly three years he took comedy as a career having studied sport science in school. He admitted the he’s a clown because he didn’t take his studies seriously in school. 
Just 22, Kevin is proud and happy to have been on the same stage with Nigerian acts like Terry G, Basketmouth, Tuface and co., in Nigeria. Oluwakevin added that he would love to visit Nigeria again because he couldn’t afford missing the comfort of the hotels. He admitted that Londoners are very rude but Nigerians are receptive, respectful and rich, as against the aspersion press in the UK tries to make Nigeria look poverty ridden. 
Kevin seemed was not interested in going back to his country having tested the communal lifestyle known of Africans which many Africans themselves preferred Capitalism for. Kevin was astonished with the natural life he met in Nigeria and the resilient spirit Nigerians exhibit even in the face of tyranny. He said that he enjoyed the show and performed creditably that left those that attended the show in stitches. 
But that before he mounted the podium he was afraid if he could thrill Nigerians as comedy varies from country to country. His believe was that since Nigerians are relaxed while speaking, they might not understand his speedy speech. He admitted that he was disappointed as the Nigerians in the show queued up with not only his accent but the jokes he came to sell himself with in Nigeria. 
This alien comedian in the Nigerian comedy industry was of the view that he mostly love Nigerians because they love clubbing and that he’s a club addict. Oluwakevin J seemed relentless to go back to his country because according to him, “… I have stayed anywhere in the world, but I think Nigeria is a diamond in the dirt.”
Odimegwu Onwumere, Poet/Author and Media Consultant, is the Founder of Poet Against Child Abuse (PACA), Rivers State. Mobile: +2348032552855. Email: