Nigeria is under attack and we are all culpable, by Ayinde Katunga

The random killing of innocent men and women, in pursuit of a political end; is terrorism, period. But the fact that a group or any group are terrorists does not preclude the cogency of their political case.

The recent ‘jubilee bombers’ occurrence in Nigeria is something for which we have little precedence, as to collectively reach a public consensus; God help us: for truly these are trying times.

The ultimate solution; invariably, will be political. But the next immediate steps must be homicidal driven, for innocent people died. And true, and yes, I’ve seen the Youtube footages of Nigerian Security forces slaying down the youthful blood of Niger Delta Militants; a harrowing and painful sight, and a censure on a Nigerian Moral Conscience.

The various strands of antecedents which had led to the ‘jubilee bombing, are many. We need to look beyond – Government and MEND; and mend ourselves.

We are quick, many of us I hasten to add, to amplify the cries of the MEND causes: inequality, unfairness and injustice.

But civil society is as asleep and as negligent as the government; on these matters; we have been selfish and not actively concerned. If truly, it were our ‘values’ to uphold equity, fairness and justice; then how come people from at least half of our Nigerian States have not stood up and protested on behalf our Nigerian Brothers and sisters in the Niger Delta. Truth be said in whole; we have not stood up, with any organised conviction; and that is bad. And further more; we’ve had opportunities. Or are we not a people of true moral conscience, and where is the singular and reverberating voice of the PASTOR and IMAM on this national issue.

[Pathetically Silent] But no surprise really, because the truth is that Nigerians are just plain and simply Nigerians. Government, MEND, Church, Mosque and rest of civil society…all na the same thing. We lack a truthful and sacrificial subscription to being our ‘brother’s keeper’.

The ultimate way out of this new escalation, probably [but I think definitely] is us [the people]. Nigeria needs CHANGE, many CHANGES: and the only way forward is that – a courageous and reforming government institutes moves – to incept the conferment of EQUITY, FAIRNESS AND SOCIAL JUSTICE on all Nigerians [we no big pass each other…now!!!!].

And of course these reforms will be resisted and sabotaged by the – powerful invisibles…the giants with clay feet…call them cabal, or interest groups or the mafia; whatever. They’ll come out fighting…but they will not win, because probably [but I think definitely], CIVIL SOCIETY WOULD HAVE WOKEN UP.

The problem of Nigeria is DISUNITY, stemming from SOCIAL INJUSTICES, and it’s time for civil society to rally and usher in a Sovereign National Conference; and without this ‘work in progress rally’; one on one, in groups, amongst professionals, amongst vocational, amongst artisans, among market women, amongst farmers & peasants amongst children and students etc: for as long as they take; no government, not even a reforming government will have the nerve to make that move; and assure us all – of a better future.

It’s no longer a NIGER DELTA issue, and by implication…never was, it is now a National Security Issue.

Nigeria is under our attack, not by MEND or Government, by our own inactions.

Ayinde Katunga