Nigerian man carrying 87 kg marijuana detained in Beijing
Dear sir
I would like to draw your attention to the above website and below caption
Nigerian man carrying 87 kg marijuana detained in Beijing(China Daily).
87 kilos in a suitcase?
How the hell can you fit 87 kilos of weed in a suitcase? Weight limit is 20-30kg per
person. How big is the suitcase?
 I m suspecting this is a way of showing the racist and racism against Nigerian
coming at a time we are Re-branding our Nation. We should reason carefully on this
We know how chinese hates blacks & they ll do everytin to paint us bad. 87kg? that
is to much for a suitcase.I believe he is framed.
 I feel for him because he fell victim of racial act of the chinese. secondly, I
dont think Nigeria NDLEA are so blind that they cant see the bag at our Airport.
This is not about supporting the actions of drug dealers or drug smugglers but
protecting the Name of Nigeria from this foreign element bent on giving us a bad

Godbless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.Amen