No More Police For High Courts’ Judges

How in the whole world somebody with working senses would take away the ordealies of High Courts’s judges. Who are those at FEC meetings that day? Are these ministers or thieves and armed robbers. They are PDP killers. The embarrasement causing them by Federal and State High Courts’ judges made them to take away their ordealies. What would a High court Judge do to protect himself in Abia, Akwa-Ibom, Imo and other places where kidnappers are standing trials for their offences? Now I believe that PDP is a government of kidnapping business. Their sporsors are kidnappers. The PDP knows them. Most of the cases won by opposition made them to remove High Courts’ judges too. Those states where opposition secured justices against PDP are very disturbing to this notorious party called PDP.

Look at that Vice President, whenever they want to take stupid decisions they always make him to act as president, this Jonathan is very dull and stupid. He was sitting where they are taking decision that would expose officials to dangers, and his common sense did not tell him that even a common man in Nigeria needs a police ordealy at least as a window-display security outfit since stupid robbers even use toy-guns to snatch cars from owners.