no problem lasts forever

there’s a climate of fear in the atmosphere

can you feel it as it engulfs the whole world

businesses are crashing, jobs dissolving by the day, bank losing millions of customers, the standard of living increasing, can you feel it?

Stress thick as smog, worry tangible as steel and poverty as real as the noon day. my friend do not despair, it’s been said that only when it is dark can you see the stars. only when things get bad can you truly know what you have lying within you.

This is no time to fear but time to believe. it is the most potent weapon  given to us. with a strong belief system anything is possible. just believe that no problem lives forever, everything has an expiry date, that includes the credit crunch.

instead of worrying concentrate on finding solutions to survive and overcome some of the challenges you may be faced with.Think positive not the credit crunch.

 Prince Mensah