Obama vs Cameron

The new David Cameron Cabinet is dominated by white, male, Oxbridge types and there are precious few women. Baroness Warsi (Asian) is the only ethnic member of the Cabinet…UK response to the US election of Obama is white-of-white Cameron…no black member of Cabinet…Labour did better!

Johann Hari wrote in Huffington Post:

“David Cameron went into this election with every conceivable advantage — a half-mad Labour leader randomly insulting his core vote; a comically biased media; a massive financial advantage over his rivals, flowing from a tax haven in Belize; 13 years out of power; a major recession — and yet he got only 36 per cent of the electorate to endorse his vision. To be fair, let’s assume the 3 per cent who voted for the UK Independence Party also broadly prefer it, and call it 39 per cent. Against this, 55 per cent of us voted for parties of the (relative) centre-left — the same proportion who say they want a country that is less unequal and less unfair. In any other European country, where they have democratic voting systems, it wouldn’t even have been close. This would have been a centre-left landslide, with Cameron humiliated”.