OGD’s Nest of KILLERS in Ogun State

PRESS STATEMENT: OGD’s Nest of KILLERS in Ogun State: (Otunba Gbenga Daniel has now become so desperate to shield himself from the suspicion of masterminding the killing of Otunba Dina. The initial ploy was to pin his death on “robbery”. Having failed, the chief terrorist of Ogun State must look for other diversions).

The attention of Senator Ibikunle Amosun has been drawn to a sick gossip by one internet thug of Otunba Gbenga Daniel, Dr. Yemi Oke, in which he claimed that “an unconfirmed” report said that the Ogun State Action Congress (AC) has adopted him as it’s governorship candidate for the 2011 elections.

The said Yemi Oke who calls himself a “lawyer” went ahead to insinuate based on an “unconfirmed” report that Senator Amosun should be investigated over the gruesome murder of Otunba Dipo Dina. 

This is yet another childish attempt by Otunba Gbenga Daniel and his internet goons to divert attention from the “nest of killers” in Ogun State which has been linked with Otunba Daniel on numerous occasions. 

For the record, Senator Amosun who won the 2007 governorship elections in Ogun State on the platform of ANPP and is awaiting the verdict of the Appeal Court on his challenge of Otunba Daniel’s dubious victory has not engaged any political party in talks concerning 2011 as he is still in the battle to claim his stolen victory of 2007.

For goodness sake, how would the AC be even talking of adopting anybody as it’s candidate when Otunba Dina’s body is still fresh in the morgue? It is only people in Otunba Daniel’s camp where human life means nothing who can be playing that kind of inhuman politics.

Senator Amosun calls on the police not to allow itself to be distracted from investigating the primary suspect in this murder, the OGD’s “nest of killers” that has been linked to various murderous activities in the State in the last six years. Such killings and attempted killings include: 

* 17 failed attempts on Senator Ibikunle Amosun’s life within the last 4years. 

*Five of Senator Amosun’s supporters who were butchered on March 10, 2007 at Car wash, Adatan, Abeokuta by OGD’s thugs and whose bodies have not been found till date as they were reportedly fed to pigs. This explains why OGD talks of “murders without dead bodies”.

*Eminent people like Chief Dele Arojo, Age Omolemomu, Barrister Morakinyo Ayopo, Tunde Aloba, Otunba Olumayowa Olukoya (former SSG) have been killed in controversial circumstances linked with the OGD killer squad without any headway in investigation to their murders. 

*But for providence, the Iyalode of Yorubaland, Chief Alaba Lawson would have been killed when gunmen reportedly sent by OGD stormed her residence on 21 December, 2008 and killed her guard, Yussuf Mohammed who resisted them. 

*Close associates of OGD like Mr. Wale Adedayo and Tunde Oladunjoye have cried out after close shaves with death in the hands of people they claim were sent by Otunba Daniel. 

* A former ADC of OGD, Mr. Kunle Odunsi who ran away to London for 3years on self exile after he resigned from OGD government died in a mysterious accident immediately he returned to the country. Daniel had openly slapped him during a hot exchange on the expressway. 

For the avoidance of doubt, it must be stated now that Senator Amosun has again received several warnings in the last 2months that the killing machine of OGD was gunning for him and some of his associates and he has appropriately informed the police. 

Our dear Ogun State has turned to one large killing field in the years of OGD reign of terror. 

It is understandable why OGD has now become so desperate to shield himself from the suspicion of masterminding the killing of Otunba Dina. The initial ploy was to pin his death on “robbery”. Having failed, the chief terrorist of Ogun State must look for other diversions. 

Senator Amosun prays that the killers of Dina will meet their violent end in no distant a time and their memory be in utter contempt from generation- to- generation. 

Lastly, he appeals to all sons and daughters of Ogun State to work and pray for the deliverance of Ogun State from evil rule. 

Now the posers: 

(1) What is the link between OGD’s Senatorial ambition in Ogun East in 2011 to Otunba Dipo Dina’s death?…. 

(2) What has Otunba Dina’s death got to do with documents on financial dealings of Ogun State under OGD in his possession?. .. 

(3) Why are the Gateway Rapid Response Squad (GRRS) activities and operations different from that of other States in the Federation?. … ANS:The GRRS outfit in Ogun State was created to harass and kill all perceived opponents of Otunba Gbenga Daniel. 

In other states in Nigeria, the RRS serves as a joint taskforce to fight crime and it comprises of military personnel and is not under the control of the Security Adviser to the Governor.

(4) Police uniforms are given to Daniel’s thugs and members of his killer squad based at the Trade Fair complex, Kobape road beside Laderin workers Estate gate and not at Police Command Headquarters Eleweran. 

(5) As a matter of fact, OGD’s killer squad was at the Federal Court of Appeal, Ibadan, on January 18, 2010 where they ,as usual, launched an attack on Senator Amosun and his ANPP supporters outside the court premises.

(6) What Dina had on OGD and his killer squad is just a tip of the iceberg compared with what is in our possession. 

(7) In due course the expose on OGD’s maladministration and looting will begin. 



1. Senator Ibikunle Amosun 

2. Iyalode Alaba Lawson

3. Prince Lanre Tejuosho 

4. Wale Adedayo 

5. Hon. Tunde Oladunjoye 

6. Hon. Tokunbo Oshin 

7. Hon. WaliuTaiwo 

8. Speaker Tunji Egbetokun 

9. Sen. Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello 

10. Mr. Akin Fagbemi 

11. Basorun Doja Adewolu 


1. The five Amosun supporters:-

a.) Gbenga Apolola (murdered at Adatan Car Wash on 10 March 2007)

b.) Ishola lyanda (murdered at Adatan Car Wash on 10 March 2007)

c.) Zacheus Olumide (murdered at Adatan CarWash on 10 March 2007)

d.) Demola Adetoro (murdered at Adatan Car Wash on10 March 2007)

e.) Akeem Adebayo (murdered at Adatan Car Wash on10 March 2007) 

2.) Dele Arojo 

3.) Age Omolemomu (Sagamu) 

4.) Yussuf Mohammed (Iyalode Alaba Lawson’s Security Guard) 

5.) Biodun Shogunjo (Waliu Taiwo’s cousin) 

6.) Otunba Olumayowa Olukoya (victim of staged car accident) 

7.) Mr. Kunle Odunsi (former ADC to OGD) 

8.) Barrister Morakinyo Ayopo (witness to electoral malpractice in 2007) 

9.) Mr. Tunde Aloba 

10.) Otunba Dipo Dina (latest casualty) 

11.) WHO is next (???) 

PLEASE NOTE: As we write about 40 assassins are presently camped in OGD’s house at Sagamu after they were moved from Abeokuta, where they are training and plotting their nefarious activities against OGD’s political opponents on the immediate hit list of targets for this group of killers.

Those known to be on the hit list presently are: 

(1) Senator Ibikunle Amosun. (2) Otunba Dipo Dina (gruesomely assasinated last Monday) (3) Hon. Tunji Egbetokun (4)Hon. Tokunbo Oshin (5) Senator Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello (6) Prince Lanre Tejuosho (7) Hakeem Adeosun 

The whole world should hold the OGD killer machine responsible if anything happens to any of the above listed people. 


Seyi Enitan.

(Media aide to Senator Ibikunle Amosun)