Ogun State: The Rule of Law must prevail!

On Monday, September 6, 2010, there was yet another attempt to subvert the rule of law in the Gateway state resulting in the Ogun State Police Command sealing off the state secretariat which houses both the Governor’s office and the House of Assembly at Oke Mosan in Abeokuta. Specifically, it has now been established that nine, out of the 26- member House had purportedly impeached the

 Speaker, Honorable Tunji Egbetokun and suspended him along with 14 other members under circumstances that can best be described as a departure from the guidelines set forth in the Constitution of the Federal republic of Nigeria.

We the people distinguished Daughters and Sons of the Ogun State Forum hereby join all well-meaning Ogun State citizens, friends of the Gateway state as well as all those advocates for peace democracy in condemning this affront on democracy in the strongest terms.

The Forum hereby call upon His Excellency, Governor Otunba Gbenga Daniel, in whose office the security of the state is vested, to immediately restore peace and tranquility to the good people of Ogun State.

The Forum also calls upon the Honorable Speaker Tunji Egbetokun to provide the leadership necessary to restore peace in the House of Assembly for a cooperative working environment to further benefit the people of Ogun.

Ringing the alarms

1. We the people are now ringing the alarms loud enough for all current and prospective political “servant” leaders to hear that we the people are no longer going to tolerate the former status quo, which in the past has not bode well for the citizens of the Gateway

2. We the people are no longer going to tolerate further loss of lives and wanton destruction of properties in the state. While this is also a national epidemic, various media outlets are reporting an alarming frequency with some suggesting that these despicable acts are deliberate and targeted due to the numerous high profile victims involved. We the people are declaring that enough is enough and will
no longer tolerate politically motivated killings in the state! We are going to task our elected leaders and ourselves on how best to safeguard our precious lives and valuable properties.

3. We the people of the Gateway state are expecting the dividends of democracy such as good network of roads, clean water supplies, primary health care, qualitative education, affordable housing, adequate security and uninterrupted power supply. It is now time for we the people of Ogun State to put aside all our disagreements and work together to ensure prompt delivery of these dividends.

Moving forward

4. The Forum further calls upon all the Federal representatives of Ogun State to join both the Governor and the Honorable Speaker in moving the Gateway state forward.

5. In moving forward, the Forum is exploring various ways to task all the elected leaders to deliver on their electoral promises.

We the people of Ogun State and all of our elected politicians owe it to our children and generations yet unborn to contribute to the development of the Gateway state. All well-meaning Daughters and Sons of Ogun State should ensure that the rule of law prevails and democracy reigns supreme!

Awa omo Ogun, ise ti ya o!

Oluwole Makinde-Odusola
Chief Administrator
Ogun State Forum