Ondo Couple in bloody fight over love-making

Nigeria: A couple in Odo-Aye community in Ondo State, yesterday, attacked each other with knives and other weapons following a disagreement over sex. Mrs. Yemi Aroko, 53, a resident of Odo-Aye Street in the town, said in her statement to the

police that her husband, Mr. Olawoye Aroko, had abandoned her for five years until that fateful day that he wanted to make love to her.

The woman told the police that she denied her husband sex because he had refused to take care of her and her children for five years. “For five years we had not made love; why will he attempt to make love to me after such a long time. Besides, he does not show care to the children or me. “He came to me in the night and I refused him sex and he then attacked me with a stick and I defended myself because my life was under threat,’’ she said.

Speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) at the police station, Aroko said she had a small quarrel with her husband the night before over sex. “He had asked me for sex which I refused because he had not touched me for the past five years and he does not take care of me and the kids anymore. “I aborted the last pregnancy because we have had 10 children while eight have survived,’’ she said.

Recounting the incident of the night, she said that she woke up around 6 a.m. the next day and the man hit her on the leg with a stick and stabbed her with a knife. “He used a stick to hit me while I was sleeping, and while I was protesting, he stabbed me on the back with a knife, so I carried his cutlass and hit him with it to defend my self,’’ the woman explained. She also confirmed that she had a lover who was taking care of her, since the man had stopped taking care of her and the children.

The husband, Aroko, who is 78, was at a private clinic receiving treatment at the time NAN visited the hospital, and marks of injury could be seen on the man who was sleeping. The lover of the woman, Mr. Igbekele Akinbaayin, who had been in police custody, told NAN that he, was having an affair with the woman for more than one year.

“We have been having an affair for the past one year; my wife is dead and I don’t have any kid; she takes very good care of me. I heard about the quarrel and this morning, the police just came to arrest me,’’ he said.

Speaking with NAN in Oko-Aye, the Divisional Police Officer for Okitipupa, Mr. Adekimi Ojo, said that investigations had commenced on the incident, while the woman and her lover had been detained.