‘PDP Gluttonous, Opposition Politicians Lazy’

Former  national chairman of the  Democratic Party of Nigeria (DPN),  Alhaji Hassan Saleh, has described the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as gluttonous, while  opposing political parties are  lazy and apolitical in their thinking. Saleh, who is also  a  former chairman of the defunct National Party of Nigeria (NPN) in old Plateau State,  said “here we have a party called the PDP, very gluttonous and here is a lazy

 opposition who are very apolitical in their thinking and dealings. I don’t even know who is better whether it is the PDP or the opposition. So let the opposition wake up.”

While reacting to call for President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua’s resignation, he said “it is true that the President is ill; it is also true that he is out of the country for medication, but what I cannot fathom out is why people should call on him to resign. Calling on him to resign is first of all unconstitutional, it is apolitical and it is very much abnormal for people to start calling for his resignation at a very immature period. 
“The Nigerian Constitution has taken care of all these. All we need is for people to be patient. One thing after the other. Everybody falls sick; all of us fall sick. There is nobody on earth that will say I will never be sick. So you don’t call for his resignation,” Saleh  further said.

I think it is wrong. He shouldn’t resign just because he is  sick,” he said and also dismissed the alleged pressure on the Vice President Goodluck Jonathan to resign, describing it as a figment of some peoples’imagination.