Pictures; Mugabe’s Extravagant Bus

Believe it or not, this is no ordinary bus, and you thought Zimbabwe was broke? This is a country without a Currency to call of theirs. The major means of exchange for goods and services in Zimbabwe today is US dollar. In this 21st century the people of Zimbabwe settle their children school fees with fowl. And yet, This Extravagant Bus that Zimbabwe can ill-afford drives Mugabe around!

Parents take the flow to the teachers since they do not have currency or US dollar to pay. When the teachers sell the flow they take whatever is their equivalent to their pay and give the rest back to the parents.

mugabe busmugabe busmugabe busMy question is does he drive this bus in the streets of Zimbabwe?

Tsvangirai’s government is desperate for foreign aid to save Zimbabwe from the economic abyss. Alas, it won’t be coming from the US any time soon when ordinary Zimbabweans look up to the Prime minister to undo the damage that has been wrought on these innocent victims of Robert Mugabe’s misrule. Almost all schools and hospitals have closed – due both to lack of money to pay the teachers, nurses and doctors, and to a lack of clean water, electricity and medicine. Six of the seven state universities have remained closed since the winter vacation in May 2008. In other words, there is a whole generation of young people whose future now lies in real danger, if not in ruins; and all because of Robert Mugabe.  

A Times Online report shows that Starvation, drugs and prostitution is the miserable fate of Mugabe’s orphans; the ‘lost generation’ struggling to survive in South Africa. There have been more than 85,000 victims of a cholera epidemic that affects 90 per cent of the country and a death toll of more than 4,000. – Financial Times 

Mugabe Bus

Mugabe Bus

Mugabe Bus

Mugabe BusMugabe Bus

This is what selfish leaders do, even when their people are dying of starvation and suffering from inflation rates as high as 3000%! Can somebody ask Robert Mugabe to read Gospel of St. Matthew 6 v 19 to 20? For now, Zimbabweans need your prayers to liberate them from a leadership that only thinks of itself. We need God’s intervention because even Kenya is not far from the same. In Uganda, a serving president appointed his wife a cabinet minister.

In Tanzania, President Kikwete is fighting a war to stop his country people from killing all Albinos for magic portion….40 albinos have been killed already. Elsewhere, an army chief has given Madagascar rival leaders 72 hrs to resolve political crisis that has claimed 100 lives.

In Guinea-Bissau leaders have slaughtered each other in a show of shame over the tiny country’s resources.

In Nigeria, the world’s largest Black Country, leaders preaching gospel of privatisation have accessed funds from State Treasury and applied same in the acquisition of state equities in all the state owned enterprises. Some of the acquired enterprises now belonging to them have existed for over a century. Trillions of US Dollars were said to have been exchanged. 

Who will save Africa?