Plot To Blackmail Governor Ohakim

The attention of the Governor of Imo State, Dr. Ikedi Ohakim has been drawn to a devilish plot by the opposition in the State to use one Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha to tarnish his image and character by claiming that the Governor assaulted him in his office at Government House, Owerri.

Already, the said Samuelson Iwuoha had started carrying out the organized plot, by going to various media houses in Nigeria, and reaching out to some Human Right Activists and Lawyers with the dubious claim that Dr. Ikedi Ohakim flogged, beat and head-butted him inside his office. 

It has been discovered that the said Samuelson Iwuoha has become a cannon fodder of the opposition to Governor Ohakim’s administration in Imo State, serving as their attack dog by using all kinds of abusive words against the Governor in the media and internet. 

Samuelson Iwuoha as an agent of destabilization in Imo State sponsored by the opposition, had used various methods to draw attention, by sponsoring fictitious and malicious publications against Governor Ikedi Ohakim and his family. He had accused the Governor of looting Imo State, without proved facts, yet the Governor did not bother about such lies, knowing that Iwuoha is acting a script written for him by an unseen hand somewhere. 

However, following some grave allegations and inciting publications sponsored by Samuelson Iwuoha, the police operatives in Imo invited him for more information on the allegations, after which he was charged to the court of law to prove his case. 

Ever since Samuelson Iwuoha was released on bail, rather than going home quietly and prepare his facts, he instead devised an ungodly mission by trying to blackmail Dr. Ohakim, telling whoever cares that the Governor assaulted him (Samuelson) in his office at Government House, Owerri. 

Let it be stated here that Governor Ikedi Ohakim has never met Samuelson Iwuoha before and therefore does not even know him. 

Ironically, the date Iwuoha claimed he had this obnoxious encounter with Dr. Ohakim, the Governor was in Abuja, the Federal capital attending to state matters. 

And the questions many people have been asking are: Why would Governor Ohakim head-butt Samuelson Iwuoha? Does Samuelson as a person pose an impediment to Ohakim’s administration? Is he a prominent politician who can control things in the State? Is he a well-known lawyer or journalist who can scare the administration? 

Investigations have unveiled that Samuelson Iwuoha is simply a kerosene seller in Owerri, Imo State, whose illegal structure, like those of many others, was removed by the State’s Environmental Agency, during the clean-up exercise. 

While his colleagues (kerosene sellers) have all relocated to the government approved areas to continue their businesses, Iwuoha has refused all entreaties from friends and relatives to continue his business. Instead he joined the opposition which now sponsors his new-found affluence. 

It should be noted here that Governor Ikedi Ohakim is a true democrat, who abhors autocratic administration anywhere in the world. It was his democratic attitude that gives room for all shades of opinions in the State, including from those who took him to court for twenty-two (22) times. 

Ohakim’s administration has never intimidated or harassed any person or group of persons in the State, including the amorphous group sponsoring Samuelson Iwuoha. It therefore sounds illogical, absurd and incredible for Samuelson Iwuoha to wake up one morning and accuse the peace-loving and democratic Governor of Imo State of brutality and assault. 

Samuelson Iwuoha is nothing but a tool in the hands of the opposition, wearing the cloak of a blackmailer to smear the image of the Governor of Imo State. 

Therefore, the public are hereby informed that Governor Ohakim has nothing to do with the wicked tale being brandished about by this Samuelson Iwuoha, as it smacks of blackmail and malicious propaganda, sponsored by the opposition, to dent Ohakim’s image and create chaos in the State. 

This campaign of calumny against the person and character of Governor Ohakim lacks foundation, is baseless, ungodly and therefore cannot succeed. 

Media houses are please, advised to verify this cocktail of lies before buying such a wicked tale. Samuelson is a well-known blackmailer and fiction-writer who has sent many journalists to police cells with his unfounded write-ups and libelous materials.     

Signed: Henry Ekpe 

Chief Press Secretary to Governor Ohakim of Imo State