Press Release – Lagos AC Cautions Jonathan on Obasanjo

The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress has warned President Goodluck Jonathan against taking orders from the former discredited president Olusegun Obasanjo, as being speculated presently. The party says that nothing good can ever come from Obasanjo and as such Goodluck Jonathan should be careful not to make his tenure the third term Obasanjo was craving for so lustfully but which Nigerians refused him.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the AC, Joe Igbokwe, Lagos AC says it is concerned that so much ground is already being granted Obasanjo in the present dispensation and that such bodes doom for the Jonathan presidency. It urged Jonathan to be his own man and take full charge of the affairs of the Nigerian state instead of deferring to a failed and loathed ex leader whose regime deepened Nigeria’s woes instead of abetting them.

“It is frightening that many Nigerians see the obtrusive hands of Obasanjo in most early actions undertaken by President Goodluck Jonathan, when the nation is still reeling from the aftermath of the Obasanjo pestilence. The wobbly presidency that succeeded him, the shambolic electoral process, the compromised war against corruption, the mangled economy, the scrambled security sector, a collapsed educational sector, an unmenable health sector, death traps in the name of federal roads, general unemployment, rankling poverty, disease and want are all hallmarks of Obasanjo’s eight years in power and we don’t hope that is what Jonathan wants to bequeath the nation.

“We are appalled that the former president roves around with a feeling of owning the present dispensation and has succeeded in getting some of his wishes already acceded to by President Jonathan. We want to warn against it as such unabashed obtrusiveness will ignite the anger of Nigerians against Jonathan and will certainly ruin his presidency. Nigerians are peeved that Jonathan is showing signs of buckling to Obasanjo’s annoying personal demands and dictations so early in the day and not knowing the former president for his selfish and wily person,

“Lagos AC wants to let Jonathan know that Nigerians are discerning and would resist any effort by the former president to make his presidency his unrealized third term. We want to let him know that he has critical tasks which an Obasanjo could hardly help him tackle because he ended office as a woeful failure. We want Jonathan to be his own man and take full charge of the affairs of state and not allow himself to be someone else’s puppet. We believe he knows that a puppet is hardly what Nigeria needs at present. A puppet to a failed leader can never inspire Nigerians to hope for the best with Jonathan. So we want him to resist the pressure to accede to the dictations and requests of Obasanjo as it will lead him and Nigeria to doom in the long run.

“ Lagos AC assures Jonathan of its support in turning things around in Nigeria but if it will be to further the dastardly and ulterior self interests of former president Obasanjo, we want him to know that Nigerians will resist him with the fierceness they resisted the third term agenda. We want him to recruit the best hands in Nigeria to do the work of pulling Nigeria out of its present quagmire and not subscribe to the worn out, self serving and crude interests of failed political godfathers.”

Joe Igbokwe.

Publicity Secretary,

Lagos AC.