You see the problem I have with this re-branding Nigeria project. This thing should start from within first. You dont build a house from the roof. If Nigeria should be re-branded, then it has to start from the average Nigerian driver who jumps line in hold up to block on-coming vehicle’s lane, the market woman/man who sales fake product as oringinal, the mechanic who quotes too many problem to be repaired in a car when actually it is one small fault just to make too much money, the lecturer who sells hand out at exhorbitant prices and even uses it as a benchmark to pass his exam, the man in government office who will always demand his percentage before signing your contract or the ones in whose table your contract paper must pass and who must collect some settlement, the contractor who abandons project after being paid, the tout in the motor part who pick pockets, the politicians whose stock in trade is to loot public fund while denying the people the dividends of democracy, the landlord who charges exhorbitant house rent and insists on 3 years advance with 50 thousand naira as agents fee and 100 thosand naira as lawyer fee which of course end up in his own pocket, the Nigerian police who collects 20 naira and immediately declares your vehicle particulars accurate, the custom man who collects money from smugglers, companies and organisations who rip Nigerians of their hard earned money through illegal charges or substandard products, the average Nigerian youth who believes in making fast money through whatever means, the list continues but let me stop here or someone pls help me out. This are the things that Dora should think of how to solve and not to do a painted sepulchre job. That is to project Nigeria as a country where everything is very much okay while in the real sense of it nothing is ok. Look at how somebody’s phone was stolen on the venue of the lauching of the re-branding Nigeria project. Quite Irritating. Its good to re-brand but it must start from within pls.