Re: How Responsible a Father is Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode?

My dear friends, Below is my formal rejoinder to a despicable article that was written by one Yemisi Aderogba and which was published by Saharareporters on the morning of March 7th 2010. I do not believe that Aderogba actually exists but if she does she is not my friend on facebook yet somehow she managed to get into my photo gallery on my facebook page and steal a few pictures of my children. She then wrote her article and told the world that I had posted NUDE pictures of all my daughters on my facebook page.

This has brought tremendous embarrassment to my daughters, their respective mothers, my wife, my family members, my friends, my political associates and of course to me. Those of you that have been my friends on facebook for the last 9 months since I joined can bear witness to the fact that this allegation is completely false and that there are no nude pictures in my photogallery or anywhere else.

Unfortunately not everyone is on facebook and therefore they are not in a position to dispute Aderogba’s ridiculous claims. Ever since her malicious write-up has been published on Sunday morning I have been receiving calls and enquires from friends and relatives from all over the world about the veracity of the story. Again I am really touched by the expressions of concern and support that I have been receiving even from people that I have never met before.

My formal response to these baseless allegations is as written below and I wish to thank Saharareporters for publishing my own side of the story on the evening of the same March 7th, quickly and promptly and without any hesitation. I felt that it was appropiate for me to share that formal rejoinder with my fb friends too.

Thanks for finding the time to read this and may God protect us, our children and our family members from ruthless liars and demon possessed people like the faceless and fictitious Yemisi Aderogba and those that are behind her………and now I am off to watch the Oscars on my TV. I put my money on “Avatar” for best film and Morgan Freeman in “Invictus” for best actor. What do u think? Have a great evening and thanks for your constant love and support. Shalom.


Re: How Responsible a Father is Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode?