RE: Is Atta Mills losing it already?

There are very worrying signs beginning to emerge as Atta Mills’ position continues to weaken.
His Security advisers are now beginning to suggest that the NPP is considering a coup against his Government. This is quite clearly ridiculous. However, such a claim would give the Atta Mills Govt an opportunity to attempt a clamp down on the NPP’s quite legitimate activities in Parliament and the country, in the name of National Security. It is extremely doubtful that such a course of action would be tolerated by a significant number of Ghanaians especially supporters of the NPP but the very fact that it appears that these noises are beginning to emerge from Attah Mills’ people demonstrates what dangerous goons some of his key people are and what the real threats to Ghana might be for the immediate future.

Behind it all is of course is the figure of Rawlings who still commands the alleigance of the National Security functionaries and the military.

Attah Mills’ evident weaknesses both in terms of his developing relationship with the electorate as the new President promising change, and with his mentor Jerry Rawlings, and his attempts to shore up his position, could very shortly prove to be very costly to Ghana and the massive steps that have been taken over the last eight years. All this was of course perfectly predicable during the course of the last election campaign. Should Atta Mills continue on this road and the position threaten get out of control as it most surely will, might we be looking at the intervention of Kofi Annan? Not desirable of course in a democracy but at least it could head off the worst of the excesses these NDC idiots appear to be threatening in an attempt to disguise their increasingly evident failures as a new goverment.