RE: MEND is to blame

Mazi Emeka,
The truth shall always be seen from a vantage perspective ,so this your defence of Feudal Government does not fly with me.
When you make it impossible to reason with, as in our government back home, then you ask for armed combat.
Let me put some of your point in place and give my opinion….

MEND on its own volition, decided to unilaterally engage the Federal Government in a combat action by attacking and wilfully destroying oil installations and conduits that run into billions of naira in damages. +++++++++ You see despite the fact that Mend acted like those injected with mosquito spray in their brain, but they did what every right thinking human will do to attract attention. LIVE FREE OR DIE ASKING!!!!!

Feudal Government of Nigeria has been lifting oil from this land of ndi MEND ,they desecrate the land, deny them any good drinking water, spoil their vegetation, pollute their air, dilapidate thier schools, deny them crops that was grown on their own soil and left them jobless. Plus they make the women of this people a breeding ground for HIV INFCETED PINK EXPARTRIATES to drop children like Hen drop chicks…

What do we expect this boys to do ? To start armed robbery operations along Onitsha owerri road? ,,,, NO they took the bull by the horn. Had it been we have government with even a very tiny sense, they should have started by building common roads for this folks, build those bridges, force the mental handicapped oil drillers to do something about cleaning the environment and give this people some fresh air. How can the goose that lay the golden egg be cast away unto the desert?

Give them pipe borne water, hospital and build them school that will give free unadulterated education to this folks……. ……Then and only then ,people will see this MEND as ndi ara if they continue to cause havoc, but hence you deprive them of everything that makes life going ,it is partial death and or call them living dead. So it is better that the same government that has denied them every right to live ,will now show the world that they have what it takes to BOMB her own people because they want what is right for their children.
Who said that 1967 GENOCIDE was a miscalculation? Well, they are not done, they still want some more blood and that blood must come from the south and more blood……..
I wonder if those kids they bombed, those women, those aged parents are part of MEND? If the government want to fight Mend what stopped them from going after mend and not going after TOWN? It is like police opening fire in a market because some robbers that killed a policeman ran into the market…..
Stupidity is part of our nation and our leaders are not shying away to show it to the world.

Instead to give them BOMBS as gift, why not give them good life and Jobs to compliment?
Well it happened in 1967 and some people laughed and praise such idiotic move, then it happened to Odi and Zaki Ibiam, we all choose to seal our lips ,now it is pay back to Niger Delta …..Well who knows when it will get to other people?.
My old man said “a slave that saw another slave that is been killed and laugh, will also know that he will take over the position of the killed servant and that position puts him on the line of been killed “..

I WONDER WHERE IS ANAC, with her every minute praise release.
Where is OVALTINE sorry I mean NIDO?
Where is all this buy one get 2 associations in USA and Europe? Can somebody tell them that they all suck….

Mazi Odera
every man got the right to decide his own destiny.