Re: Obasanjo gave us EFCC

Obasanjo gave us the EFCC, yet, after Abacha’s,Obasanjo’ s government was the most corrupt in Nigeria history followed by Babangida’s.
SO what ever gains the EFCC made it was overturned on the other hand. Nigerians did not derive one single benefit from Obasanjo’s anti
corruption war despite Ribadu and Ribaduists noises. Even now, we do
not know what Obasanjo did with the Abach funds. We are none the wiser
as to what happned to Tafa’s loot. Alams, of Bayelsea, is still
stupendously rich, Obasanjo is a mega millionaire, the cost of contract
in Nigeria, the main conduit for transferring public funds into private
pockets, remains the highest by far in the world.

To top it all, Obasanjo imposed YarAda after ensuring that thieving
governors used funds stolen from their states to bankroll the
“election” of YarAdua, hence making the likes of Ibori untouchable.

So what the hell are we really talking about that we are winning the
war on corruption and that Obasanjo was a messiah???

Again, Nigerians have a short memory. We have so soon forgotten WAR

“Buhari and Idiagbon correctly identified corruption and indiscipline
as the main constraints on Nigeria’s development. These twin evils
have in the view of many, become a way of life for many Nigerians. For
this reason they launched a nationwide campaign called “War Against
Indiscipline” (“WAI”). The WAI campaign20was aimed at tackling the most anti-social Nigerian characteristics such as indiscipline, corruption,
and lack of environmental sanitation.”

Those political elites tried and jailed by Buhari and Idiagbon for
corrption will feel like slapping those who point TAFA and ALAMS as the first and only top pblic figures to be jailed in Nigeria.