Re: Ohakim, excesses of a monstrous character

I read an article written by one Stephen Nwahiri captioned Ohakim,excesses of a monstrous character published in some news media. I must confess that I have been following the articles of this Nwahiri.I have always been an advocate of free press. This suffices that writers by their sacred roles have a duty to expose the ills of government and to commend government when necessary. However, I am 

strongly averse to writers using the pages of newspapers to attack personalities and make unsubstantiated claims just to score cheap political points. Constructive criticism should be the watch-word of all in the pen pushing profession.  I do not cherish a dishonest writer that claims to be fighting corruption. Honesty and dishonesty are two poles apart and are parallel lines that never meet. A writer who is fighting for what he terms corruption in governance should not be seen to be untruthful or dishonest. If this happens, such writer will be tagged a criminal and the punishment for crime, especially before God is better imagined than stated. I do not support that some one should write for the sake of misleading the public or write just to cast unnecessary mud at someone. It is in view of this basic fact that I have always been in support of truth, not minding whose ox is gored.

As I said, I have been following the write-up of Nwahiri who has been criticizing Ohakim and supporting Martin Agbaso since 2008 and who claims to be writing from Mushin -Lagos and I want to state clearly and very well too that he is not an honest writer because I have discovered in his articles that he is the person who uses the name Norberth Ekendu to write trash against the people’s governor of Imo State. I state here authoritatively that Norbert Ekendu does not exist as a person, talk less of living in Ikenegbu  Layout Extension in Owerri,Imo State. Some misguided persons misuse the opportunity provided by the media for comments to say all sorts of nonsense. With patience, perseverance and trust in God, the real Norbert Ekendu, later unconsciously exposed his true colour in the person of Mr. Stephen Nwahiri. This is because; God has ways of exposing internet fraudsters.

At a time, Stephen Nwahiri will claim Norbeth Ekendu. At another, he will  claim Norberth Nwahiri so as to throw mud at  Ohakim but he is now discovered to be Stephen Nwahiri  . What sort of a writer is this? Mr. Norberth Ekendu /Stephen Nwahiri should know that the worth of a writer is not only on what he writes but also on his credibility. You may want to ask me how I came about with this discovery. For a start, check  the publication in Sahara Reporters of  Saturday 13th march 2010 titled Amanze Obi ,the internet and Okey Ndibe ( )  and publication  in Nigerian Village Square of 13th march 2010(  )where an article that was written by Norberth Nwahiri  was concluded in ‘error’ with the name Norbeth Ekendu. There are other instances where Mr Stephen Nwahiri credited himself to be Mr Norbert Ekendu but I leave that for another day. You can see what over ambition can do to a man.

The article Ohakim, excesses of a monstrous character by  Stephen Nwahiri /Norberth Ekendu  made me to laugh. Nwahiri is indeed a jester. Nwahiri’s lamentations are enumerated in painful details as he recounts the State of Imo, as he claims it has been and still is. He said so many things in that write-up including that Ohakim were practicing 419 in Lagos before he became governor. Nwahiri should come out boldly and make this allegation and provide us with evidence, not hiding behind cyber space to cast mud. Let him be bold and come out with his evidence. He also said that Ohakim is on sponsoring spree; sponsoring awards, sponsoring lectures, sponsoring public shows and sponsoring articles and features that were all devoted to celebrating himself. To him, myself and so many others writing about the good works of Ohakim are sponsored.

I think it has become necessary to clarify my position on the subject of leadership in Imo state. For quite some time now, I have had cause to make some rejoinders against articles and news reports concerning Ohakim that are tilted to only one side of the coin, rejoinders against articles that make the readers to believe that the subject being talked about lacks the other side. As a member of the  Imo  community, it will amount to disservice to my conscience and my community if I fold my hands and allow the peddlers of lies and half truth about Imo state to have a field day simply because I am afraid of being called all sort of names by the sponsors of those articles.

In my conscious attempt to put the record straight, I try as much as possible to relegate sentiment to the background and endeavour to address the issues involved in logical perspective. Unfortunately, the critics of  Ohakim and their fellow travelers can not withstand truth. They had to resort to personal attacks and intimidation in order to wade me off.

Some of them wrote to my mail box and told me that I am talking good about Ohakim because I was sponsored and given money to do so since in their own shallow mindedness; there is no more chance for independent thought. Others threatened to harm me and even called me Ohakim’s trumpeter and Imo government agent, leaving the issue talked about aside. So anyone that sees the good governance of Ohakim and chooses to say so is sponsored by the government of Ohakim?  In any case, it is better for one to be addressed as Government trumpeter than for one to tell lies and use fake names to write article as the likes of Nwahiri  are doing.

Stephen Nwahiri and I are obviously on the opposite side of reasoning about Imo State political spectrum. I do not share his views, but the question that arises are: how many Imo State indigenes share the feelings of Nwahiri? How frequently are similar feelings expressed by non politicians from Imo State? And why?  His write-ups make me laugh seeing how over ambition, greed and personal aggrandizement have led a man to be expressing all sort of disenchantment and disconnection from the good things that are happening to Imo State courtesy of Governor Ikedi Ohakim’s leadership.I laugh, seeing how some people are toying with the intelligence of Nigerians to the extent of using pseudo names to write different articles against Ohakim to make it look as if so many people are against the governor.

How do I blame Nwahiri? How do I open the eyes of a man who is already dancing blindly the tunes of mischief so that he can see the good works of our Governor? How do I convince a man who has joined forces with opposition politicians who lost in the tribunal that it is no longer business as usual? How do I strengthen his faith about the present Imo State Government when all he desires to see or hear is that Ohakim has vacated the Government house for his cohorts? Each time I read about the agonizing pains of the likes of Nwahiri over Ohakim being at the helms of affairs in Imo state, I understand the pangs of their dashed aspirations and unreasonable expectations that have quickly become dreams and impossibilities.

Ohakim’s government has fared well. We don’t need to go on and on in naming the developmental strides of this governor.  The critics of Ohakim are aware of his  radical transformation of  Imo as most of them have in writing confessed to me in recent time. But, others are still shying away with this glaring truth, not knowing that conscience is an open wound, only truth can heal it.

I should be bold enough to observe that he is a governor that stands tall and has remained focused, not minding the activities of some political detractors. Indeed, many prominent personalities in Nigeria and those in Diaspora have spoken well of Ohakim’s leadership qualities, which are required for advancement. Since Ohakim came on board he has received many local, national and international awards of good governance. Expectedly, the anti-progressive elements and “bad belle” people are not comfortable with this because they want to unseat the governor and have the chance to loot Imo state. This explains the series of lies and orchestrated wicked allegation against the man of the people.

No need for Stephen Nwahiri and company to continue using pseudo names in making allegations against Ohakim that they can not substantiate. No need for Nwahiri and company to try to paint Imo state black because they want people to believe that Ohakim is not performing. All their useless politicking will definitely not work since it has never worked. Ohakim   has already won the hearts of Ndi Imo due mainly to his performance. It is therefore expected that all progressive minded Imolites will join forces with him to build a more prosperous Imo state.

-Kenneth Uwadi writes from Mmahu -Egbema, Imo State,Nigeria