Rebranding; Akunyili to engage 17m Nigerians

Minister of Information and Communications, Professor Dora Akunyili, has said that arrangements had been concluded by her Ministry to partner with over 150 missions abroad, to engage over 17 million Nigerians in the Diaspora for the Re-Branding Nigeria Campaign. Akunyili, at the launching of Re-Branding Nigeria, North Central Zone, in Jos, said the approach had become necessary, because Nigeria Missions abroad are window through which Nigeria is seen outside the country.
She said Nigerians in the Diaspora are needed for the campaign, because each is an ambassador of  Nigeria where they are in Europe, adding that the campaign will not in anyway disturb or prevent  provision of critical infrastructure, since money to be used from government coffers cannot ever tar one kilometre of road in some states with bad topography.
She challenged all Nigerians to learn to appreciate the good values in us, adding that attitudinal change is important in the effort to re-brand 
“When people tend to give us bad image, we have a duty to say ‘No’ to it, because we know that we are not as bad as they make us feel.”
She said her Ministry is partnering with the education ministry to start re-branding clubs in secondary schools, adding that plans are in the concluding stage to kick-start the clubs in schools, as a way of catching them young, particularly at the critical stage of character formation.
In his address, Plateau State Governor,   Jonah Jang,  who was  commended by Akunyili for the effort he has made so far by including and pursuing attitudinal change and ethical re-orientation as part his 10-point agenda, said despite the negative image of the country, Nigeria still has positive exports in the Nigeria movies industry, popularly called Nollywood. Jang said other proud Nigerian products are found in the literary world, musical talents, scientists and designers who have made their marks at the international arena. He, therefore, enjoined the media to stop portraying the negative side of the country, adding that re-branding effort must be a collective one.