Rejoinder To “Governor Ikedi Ohakim and Paid Blackmailers” – Samuelson Iwuoha Defense

My attention has been drawn to an article published as a letter in Newspapers of February 17thth – February 18th 2010 edition page 4 entitled “GOVERNOR OHAKIM AND PAID BLACKMAILERS”. It was written by Mr. Henry Ekpe who is the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Ikedi Ohakim of Imo State (The man who personally desecrated his office on Thursday 21st of January 2010 by abusing me).

        In the said write-up Mr. Henry Ekpe denied that the State Governor abused me, he also claimed among other things that:

1.     Ikedi Ohakim travelled out of the State for urgent matters as at the time of the so called assault.

2.     Disgruntled politicians hired me to do hatchet jobs  for them of which the latest was my claim was that Ohakim physically assaulted me.

3.     That I Samuelson am a deranged fellow

4.     That I am fighting Ohakim because my kerosene businesses were destroyed.

5.     That my parents pleaded with the state government to forgive their prodigal son.

6.     That I Samuelson am a hungry fellow who has fallen into the hands of Ohakim’s sworn enemies.

7.     That I am being used to destabilize the State.

8.     That I should prove my allegations against Ikedi Ohakim now that the Police have charged me to court.

9.     That I am a nobody in my Nkwerre Local Government Area.

10.    That I Samuelson should retrace my steps because I am a young promising man with energy and zeal to develop IMO state. 

        To start with, I can never tell lies against my fellow human being. This has been my saving grace in all my battles and activities in life. My life is an open book. My nature as a social crusader and critic does not allow me to keep quiet when things are continually going wrong. Even in my enlarged family, I am known as a  family critic and crusader for justice. In my school days, I was known as a very very stubborn crusader and critic. In the business environment I am known as one who follows issues and transactions truly and genuinely to the end. The records are there for all to see because I am a very popular person in Imo State.   I can die for defending the truth. I joined active politics in September 1999 and I pitched my tent with the PDP. People who related and still relating with me politically can confirm that I do not take nonsense and rubbish from anybody who feels he can play with the sensitivities and sensibilities of the masses. 

        As a married man with two children, my own wife knows me as a straightforward and honest person who cannot be influenced with money or material wealth. Conversely, so long as I am a true son of Imo State, I will never take nonsense from Ikedi Ohakim and his fraud infested leadership. As a patriotic citizen of Imo State, I cannot afford to keep sealed lips when the masses are intentionally being subjected to untold hardship by a debilitating monster called Ikedi Ohakim who has just graduated from thieving Governor to a fighting Governor. In my case, what I am doing has a divine approval and touch. What I am doing has the support of Almighty God. What I am doing has the support of over 95% of Imo citizens. Security agencies especially the Force headquarters Abuja are aware of what I am doing. I am genuine. I have been consistent since September 2007 till date. May Almighty God judge me and my conscience if I have ever used this crusade to cause confusion in Imo State? I genuinely started this crusade with my whole heart and Almighty God supported me.   Let the whole world judge me. 

        Now, let me respond to Mr. Henry Ekpe’s infantile and juvenile defence of his “motor park” trained Governor.

1.     The truth is that Ikedi Ohakim personally abused and assaulted me right inside the Governors Office between 9:10am and 10:20am. May it never be well with me if I am telling lies?  Ikedi Ohakim only hurriedly travelled out of Imo State to Abuja when he realized the atrocity he committed in his office. Intelligence report shows that he ran away from the kitchen of leadership in Owerri around 11:14am. He landed at Abuja airport at a given time and was lodged in a five Star Hotel. The details will soon be provided.

2.     I am not a hatchet man for any politician in Imo State. I am only a freedom fighter, social crusader, social critic, public opinion analyst and a radical writer who says the truth always. I am working for Imo State and her citizens. Nobody is funding me. I am funding myself, although once in a while patriotic citizens in Nigeria show appreciation for my selfless crusade against injustice, corruption and looting of resources of Imo State by Ikedi Godson Ohakim. This is the truth.

3.     Mr. Henry Ekpe who is of small mind also labeled me a deranged fellow. The following people were described as deranged fellows because of their hard stand against injustice:

a.     Our Lord Jesus Christ

b.     Gani Fawehenmi 

c.      Nnanna Ukaegbu

d.     Nelson Mandela

e.     Wole Soyinka

f.      Tai Solarin

g.     John Mgbe etc. 

Therefore I am not shocked to be described as a deranged fellow. Truth is always constant while other things are variables.

4.     Mr. Henry Ekpe also said that I am fighting the Ohakim’s government because my kerosene business was destroyed. To start with, Mr Henry Ekpe has publicly acknowledged that I have (had) a handiwork. I was the biggest kerosene dealer (Surface tank) in Imo State with 17 workers. Suddenly I lost this genuine economic activity to Ikedi Ohakim’s madness called ENTRACO which was an illegal agency as at the time of destruction. The truth is that I am not fighting Ohakim’s government because my economic activity was destroyed. I am genuinely and truthfully against the Ohakim’s evilcratic jezebelic and fraud infested leadership because of the following reasons:

A.     Ohakim declared war on the poor masses and intentionally destroyed the ordinary citizens of Imo State without looking back.

B.     Ohakim is criminally looting the resources of Imo State without any atom of shame.

C.     Ohakim cannot point at any tangible and “seable” project he has honestly and truthfully executed in Imo State.

D.     Ohakim has been insulting the true leaders of Imo State without showing remorse. E.g He has turned Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu   from an international tycoon to an errand boy. This to me is an insult.

E.     He has refused to solve the political crisis in the state.

F.     He tells a lot of lies

G.     And so on and so forth. 

Like I have stated earlier, my nature as a crusader and critic will never allow me keep quiet when all these “mis-happenings” are going on in my own state. I will never keep quiet in the face of injustice in Imo State. And I will never, never and never compromise this stand.

5.           Mr Henry Ekpe in his infantile and juvenile defence of his debilitating drowning Governor stated that my parents had once pleaded with the Ohakim fraud infested government to forgive their son. Well, my parents are responsible senior citizens and would not like their son to fall into any danger. But that does not mean they would descend and belittle themselves by approaching a universally acclaimed irresponsible – fraud infested leadership of Ikedi Ohakim to forgive me for exposing the filth in the government. It is on record that after begging me on several occasions to stop exposing the Ohakim government, Chief Ikedi Ohakim himself dispatched this same Henry Ekpe and Steve Asimobi (S.A. On Electrol Matters) to my parents to negotiate with them on how to stop me from further disgracing this fraud infested government of Ikedi Ohakim. My parents nearly caved in but when I got hint of the plot, I told my parents to keep off because what I am doing is a state matter and not a family matter. Lately, (before the assault on me by Ohakim) Ikedi Ohakim himself and Mr. Chikwem Onuoha (SA on money laundering) had on several occasions dispatched Mr. Rex Anunobi (SA Political) to beg me to mellow down. They also sent the State Chairman of National Youth Council of Nigeria [NYCN]  on 4 different occasions to beg me to  calm down. Of course all their pleas fell on deaf ears.

6.           Again Barrister (Pastor) Jerry Egemba had on two different occasions begged me to forgive Ohakim. In fact he   was the first person to send me a Christmas message in December 2009. He begged me to use the period of Christmas and Christ Birthday to forgive Ohakim. Also a former S/A to ohakim who is an in-law to Chikwem Onuoha has on several occasions begged me to stop exposing   Ohakim and Chikwem Onuoha. Also Mr. henry Ekpe himself has personally begged me severally to leave Ohakim alone. So many people in Ohakim government have equally begged me. 

It is not as if I cannot sheath my sword against Ikedi Ohakim.    After all Ohakim is the Governor. He is older than me with 18yrs. He is old enough to be my father. But because he  is a chronic criminal who has refused to change for good, I have decided to continue to deal with him by exposing him. I have the ability. Mgbe  Amuru  Dike Na  Mba  Ka  Amuru  Ibeya.

I have written over 350 published articles since September 2007. Yet the man has refused to change for good. And I have written petitions to the Office of Inspector General of Police and EFCC. Of course I have acknowledgment letters to show for it. I have written to the Imo State House of Assembly begging them to investigate Ohakim by setting up a probe panel. Therefore having seen that I have caged him constitutionally on all corners Ikedi Ohakim decided to fight me   physically and directly in his office, thereby abusing and insulting his Office.

6.     Mr henry Ekpe in his epileptic defence of his drowning Governor challenged me to prove my allegations against Ikedi Ohakim. I accept the challenge with both hands and legs. If I fail to prove my allegations against Ohakim, for sure I will be jailed. But if I prove it, what will happen to Ohakim?  This is where the Imo State House of Assembly comes in and must play a role. Let the Speaker of the Assembly set up a probe panel that will invite me to off-load my evidence against Ohakim. As a warrior who has never run away from battles, I am patiently waiting for the Imo State House of Assembly.

7.     Still talking like a little boy who    bed wets, Mr henry Ekpe said that I am a nobody in my local government area – Nkwerre. May I inform the world that I am a registered member of Nkwerre Aborigines Union (NAu).  I am also a registered member of my village meeting called OBINOCHA IMPROVEMENT UNION (OIU). I AM EVEN THEIR Assistant Secretary in Owerri Branch. Apart from that, I am the State Deputy Chairman of Surface Tank Kerosene dealers Association. I am the Vice Chairman of Prefab neighborhood Association – security Committee. I have held several worships in Imo State.

        I am the Managing Director of ABOKI HOLDINGS. I am also the managing Director of ABOKI VENTURES. I am the Chairman of NWACHINEMEREM STORES. I am the facilitator   of a leadership initiative in IMO STATE   called SLAP-INITIATIVE.   I am also the facilitator of OPERATION RESCUE IMO FROM BONDAGE (ORIB).I was financial Secretary of PDP for 8 solid years [1998- 2006].   Not long ago I wrote a blueprint for the police on how to combat crimes in Imo State.   And I have an acknowledgement and commendation letter from the Office of the Inspector General of Police to show for it.

        I move about freely because Almighty God is protecting me. I mix up freely with Imo citizens in Imo State because I have nothing to hide.

8.     Contracting   himself, Mr. Henry Ekpe ended his childish and “Obi is a boy” article by “pleading” with me to retrace my steps because I am a young man with a lot of energy. I need not respond to this because Henry Ekpe has proved to be in “Ada is a girl” class.

Nonetheless let me ask the following questions:

A.     Let the Police Authorities in Imo State produce my statement with them

B.     Why did the police refuse to take me to court on Friday 22/1/2010 after reading my statement?

C.     On Monday 25/1/2010 why did the magistrate judge refuse me pulling off my clothes when my lawyer Barrister L.M. Alozie requested that I do so?

D.     Did the Police Commissioner call me on Tuesday 19/1/2010 by 3:34pm?

E.     Did I agree with Police Commissioner to see him on Friday 22/1/2010?

F.     Did I call Police Commissioner the next day Wednesday 20/1/2020 to reconfirm my appointment with him on Friday 22/1/2010?

G.     Who then ordered my abduction on Thursday 21/1/2010?

H.     Did I call the Police Commissioner to inform him of the presence of armed men in my house on Thursday 21/1/2010?

I.      Did the Police Commissioner meet me in the Governor’s Office in my own pool of blood?

J.      Did the State Director of SSS meet me in the Governor Office in my own pool of blood?

K.     What did I tell Police Commissioner in the Governor’s office and what was his response?

L.      was I handed over to C.P. Aloysius Okorie with wounds and bloods staining my clothes?

M.     what did I tell Police Commissioner Aloysius Okorie in his office? What was his response (In the presence of the State director of SSS)?

N.     My report on how Ohakim desecrated his office came out on Friday 5/2/2010 and directly sent (by me) to more than 60,000 emails. Right now an estimated 7 million people worldwide are with copies of the report due to the ripple effect of the circulation. Why the Ohakim fraud is infested government responding 12 days after (17/2/2010)?

O.     Why has the Imo State Police command refused to respond to the issues I raised of which their Boss (Aloysius Okorie) has been indicted in my report? Can the Commissioner of Police challenge me by telling lies?

There are 5 more questions I would have loved to ask but because it will be too early to vomit such questions, I have decided not to let the Pandora box of questions to be opened at least for now.

        I cannot conclude without reproducing my text message to Mr. Henry Ekpe which I sent to him after reading his tissues of lies in Newspaper of February 17th -18th 2009 editions page 4 entitled “GOVERNOR OHAKIM AND PAID BLAKMAILERS”

        Here is the text message as follows “HENRY EKPE, MAY ALMIGHTY GOD JUDGE YOU AND YOUR LIES PUBLISHED IN TODAY’S NEWSPAPERS” delivered to Henry Ekpe (08036695810) Date and time 17 – Feb – 2010, 12:41:58.

Let the Federal Government Institute a panel to investigate my claim that   Governor Ikedi Ohakim assaulted me in the Governor’s Office. If it is found that I made false claim let me be jailed 20years with hard labour. But if is true that Governor Ohakim actually desecrated his office, then let him be impeached after which he can be arrested to face charges of corruption and other criminal activities in Imo State. 

I rest my pen.

Samuelson Iwuoha