Rejoinder to Prof Akunyili: Why We Must Re-brand Nigeria

Dear Prof Akunyili,

I wrote this in a hurry as I click between a VPN to do my job, and read your note. Could you please stop wasting your time? Your approach is totally wrong. You have been doing this since March, 2009, a succesor to The Heart of Africa Project. Your narrative did not include

 what has been achieved to make it possible for a Nigerian to buy and sell goods and services worldwide, using the internet.


I work as a technology lawyer in Silicon Valley and I have inside information on how the world feels about Nigeria. After all, it is the Paypals, eBays, Googles, Yahoo!s, Craigslists, Apples and Microsofts of this world that control the day to day transactions and flow of information at personal levels worldwide.


You are using Facebook, founded by MArk Zuckerberg (born May 14, 1984,  after Buhari had taken over the goverment) when he was just 20 years, to send your message to fellow Nigerians. Where is Nigeria’s Paypal? Where is Nigeria’s eBay? Google, Yahoo! and Facebook are making millions from Nigeria, what  have you done to create Nigerian equivalent of those companies to prove to the world that we are as good as them.


Prof, just post an item for sale on Craigslist ( ) and see the responses you will get from Nigeria. The average world citizen rightly believes that Nigerians are crooks; their everyday dealings with them over the internet justifies this belief. I am not asking you to call off the war. I am asking you to change the tactics. I would rather SEE a sermon than HEAR one any day.


Thank you,


Emeka Maduewesi, Esq., LL.M, (IP and Technology Law)