Reminder: I Am One of the Victims of Glo Exploitation

Dear Editor,

I thank you all for your support. This is the latest about the letter written to NCC some weeks back. I wrote a petition about the above titled to NCC on Saturday 3rd October, 2009, and till date they have done nothing. This is not encouraging.

The painful thing is that, GLO WORLD has not written to apologize to all the affected Subscribers/Customers or refund their money/data usage; exploitation of GLOBACOM still continues. This is because they feel secured and untouchable. 

If you have played your expected role as the body regulating and monitoring activities of Communication Providers in Nigeria, GLOBACOM will not be indifferent but it is disheartening to know that they have bought NCC and used money to silence them. 

They believe they can always bribe their way to the top. 
THIS IS BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION OF HIGHEST ORDER!!! Judgement is coming soon! Despite all these facts, you refuse to do something, the world will ask you soon.
If you read my first mail, I never believed in you or your judgement because I believe you are handicap because you have been bought by GLO. All these are just for record purposes so that when we get justice, none of you will be exempted.
You can never alleviate the pains and suffering of Nigerians.

The recent events in Nigeria give us hope that there is going to be change in Nigeria and things won’t continue like this. It is a question of time.

The following should come to mind:

1.  Nobody ever believed or dreamt that the Bank Chiefs could be sacked but today it is a reality.

2. Nobody ever thought that Dr. Mike Adenuga (Chairman, GLOBACOM) could be removed as non-director of Equatorial Trust Bank (ETB) -his own bank.

3.  Bode George (PDP Principality and Chieftaincy) has been sentenced to 2 and half years. He is now a culprit. This is nothing but wonderful development in
Nigeria. People don’t believe this can happen in Nigeria but it is happening right before our eyes. 

Since NCC has failed in their responsibilities, we believe one day, a new body will investigate all the exploitation of GLOBACOM  and scrutinize it for exploiting and defrauding Nigerians.They will be punished severely, then, even NCC will have case to answer for their laxity. 

All we are saying is that, we are giving you an opportunity to do the right thing so that you will be remembered for good and posterity will judge you well. 

Always remember that, GLO is robbing Nigerians to pay you peanuts. Someone somewhere related to you or your family members  are being robbed by GLO. What goes around comes around! 

Lamido Sanusi is doing something great in Banking Sector, and we believe NCC too should be doing the same in Communication Sector.

I close with this – Mrs. Farida Waziri (Chairman, EFCC) was right when she said, “Every political office holder should go for psychiatric test”.  

Globacom Nig. Ltd. will not go scotfree. 

Chairman, What will you be remembered for?
Yours faithfully,

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