Rethinking the Lagos Residents’ Identity Card

Irrespective of Governor’s intent, I will state categorically that any plan to introduce an identity card by a state government is unconstitutional and thus illegal. One can only begin to wonder if Lagos is drifting towards becoming a ‘fascist’ state. Previously it was non-indigene street beggars that were repatriated, and now it is ID card

Rethinking the Lagos Residents’ Identity Card

There is no doubt that Governor Fashola has been performing remarkably well since his assumption of office. In fact, his administration has provided some glimmer of hope for those who believed that nothing good can come out of our democratic governance. 

Whilst the process from which he emerged as Governor remains questionable (a la Action Congress party primaries), he has no doubt grabbed the bull by the horn. He has taken advantage of the privilege he’s been granted, through effective leadership and vision.