Rotimi Amaechi: PDP factional leaders want me to loot treasury alleges

To face PDP/other tyrants is obedience to God – So go on Governor Amaechi. There is a local proverb in my tongue saying ‘thrones are benches covered in velvet’. Like any political profiteering-merchants, these could lose the precious human affection for our money they itch to fleece, if true.

Governor Amaechi, my LGA is in Rivers State (RS) you govern from Oct 2007 to date. RS is a core of the Niger Delta (ND) – Nigeria ’s bakery of wealth. So make a difference. You are in best position for most RS Citizens to thank God for! A peck of justice desires us to renew all proximities.

It needs to re-model our accepted wisdom. Until we stop dancing with the wolves, the car-boots fillers with our petro-Naira, we deny being a special human race on the planet.

How can one explain this kind of special responsibility God bestows on us with ND gene? Well this is a belief. God first walked on the NE of Africa. It was called the ‘Garden of Eden’. But on the 7th day, He came to have well deserved holiday in the ND and blessed it in His Name and for those who habituate in it. The blessing comes with a huge accountability to our Creator by giving greater services to the best of our abilities. We fail God until 90% indigenes inside RS/ND can have first-world-lifestyle in rural proximities. Otherwise, all is hot-air-balloon, window-dressing and prolonged noises of deceit. Such unruly behaviours are by a minority in our population even some feral minds in the PDP. They bully too. So most of us look away while the endless assets stripping and looting of the depleting wealth continues by the political profiteers of all shades! But to serve most, who politicians represent is the heart and soul of fearing God.

The defiant ones think, it is just flesh and satanic deeds, and God is absent. They lie. Because God is Omni-present that Satan snoops at the Children of God here to distract us. He wants us beg him and his allies than for us to ask rightly for our God-given benefits. In ever evolving ND, the early fore-bearers & saints of the 1949s, 1960s and thereafter want us to ask more, not beg more!

The reality is wherever God presence is prominent, Satan or Lucifer is around too. But, we even ask “Where is God?”All because a few of us can’t stop abusing allocated resources with negligent applications. And most of us need visible, rural civilization in ND. In our confusion, some say “No sign ‘ahead’”. No there’re plenty signs ahead now as in the past for our remarkable resurrection. The issue is we’ve weak rulers without the sacrifice of selfishness that contributes for all. It’s the greatest honour for all civil offices in the land. Only the results of kind leaderships lead most of us to consistent prosperity, joy, security, etc.

All ND political profiteers ask the weakest question: “What our responsibility has got to do with others?” Only when they start to listen to the clarion calls through those voices of old and new. We must salvage what is left or fully enslaved by more illegitimate benefactors for themselves and bag-carriers. We must press the flesh of all by breeding inclusive, sharing leaderships. Doing that is to practice the spirit of service. Like Jesus, our forbearers have showed us the way, the truth and there is abundance in communal sharing of our wealth – never our majority is left out ‘in the cold’ for the few greedy ‘Cains’ who kill and leak the blood in their hands.

To over-run our people’s public purse (PPP), one is a chief thief mocking ND and the indigenes. S/He has the lowest moral authority. As civic servants, they also disobey God by corruptly killing those they illegally starve of their rights and privileges. Like Cain, they fail in body/soul to be ‘their brothers’ keepers’ by abusing the assets they held on trust for us. In God’s court, their pleas will count for ultra-vires verdict. Like WHO (World Health Organisation) putting Nigeria in a global serious hunger index in 2010 AD, indeed, ND domain PDP/other rulers consign most voters in extremely, alarming, hunger league just for their affinity to avid greed.  

As a core unit in ND, today what the sitting Rivers State Governor Amaechi says is known to most in the land. It’s why whosoever is on the Governor’s chair has to lead. For instant, strong rural recovery and finest progress in proximities for indigenes, there can be 100% growth-rate and 0% politics the day after the election. So profiteers can back off, pronto. In addition, this’s how credibility is enhanced while on the seat using faithful actions to embrace all Citizens:

(1) Let meritocracy over-ride mediocrity – award contracts on merit and timely pay all Government contracts/MOU on jobs done. Or pay interest on all balances of >30-day-delay until full amount is paid to the contractor, less 5-10% Retention Fee in case of need; the sum payable after 1-year waiting period (on the first anniversary date of contract) for structural defect.

(2) Professional-based projects implementation commission (PIC) we’ve from 2010 will award and execute all State Government geo-physical projects to completion. It‘ll make redress from contractors who failed on contract terms and conditions. With departmental experts, Commissioners will be contracts enforcers and not awarders. Stop any 10% bribe seekers. Often they inject delays in awards, etc. Failed contracts/projects across RS/others are not always the ‘act of God’. Mostly these failed for non-regular-payments to genuine contractors by high/low level staff. Some openly want 10% plus the bank interests on contract value rather than to pay outright for job well done.  We can’t eat our cake and have it!

(3) This RSGovt will fairly be assessed on the coziness impact with failed government contractors and/or officer(s) who seriously disappoint the regime and the suffering yet expectant public.

We can bare our souls to RS/ND growth. In peace, God Himself has come here on holiday. It’s not made to be Satan’s hot-bed. Its growth is the valid desire of all friends, true pioneers, leaders of thoughts and liberators, dead or alive, to recognize ND within Nigeria . Until we apply enough to support, help and expand most of our peoples’ lawful dreams, we’ll continue to eat the crumbs under the table. The feast, waiting to expire, is on the Nigerian dinner-table, not under it. It’s only by our strong contributions to sense of justice can we fully partake. In God we come to recognise the rights and needs of all N/Deltans. Then others shall respect us as we respect and lead our vulnerable ones for collective glory! My belief is with plenty of ND leaderships, after President Jonathan, we can have another Nigerian President little outside a decade. But it comes only by our diligent contributions into the length and breadth of ND.

So, Governor Amaechi can celebrate all that’s good in leadership for God Almighty he believes. He puts him in the job. He is there to defend RS, ND and Nigerian assets. Now we know the difference between the benevolent dictators for the few and the promising leader for the masses’ benefits. The Governor walks away from iffy non-contributors to RS voters’ lives and towards being a leader for most. Like the Israelis, we can have Priest Zadok and Prophet Nathan types to come up and anoint our Solomons for most joy and say God save our leaders as they live long too! The spectre of party rulers will be banished thereafter. They no more loom large in our land so tortured by political robbery, hypocrisy and lawless politics. When faced with direct, rugged leaders in position for people’s progress into civilization and God’s peace, tyranny often flee with the devil. The emergent signs from the RS Governor bring promising change for real difference in most Citizens’ lives.

In conclusion, ND urgently needs more leaders at each level with personal responsibility – for all groups, community and national affairs. It’s an inclusive truth for a progressive ND – the end purpose of infectious service at our birthplace!


Kind regards

Paah Young

(A believer in social justice in RS/ND in our lives’ time)