Sale of Nwude’s property, Ribadu’s Hands are clean – William Richey

“EFCC at the insistence of Ribadu played absolutely no part in the disposal of the assets” – William

Nuhu RibaduThe attorney that led the investigation and prosecution of the world wide recovery effort that flowed from the 419 theft of $242 million by Nigerians led by Emmanuel Nwude from Banco Noroeste of Brazil, William L. Richey PA has written to the Acting President, Jonathan Goodluck seeking to exonerate the erstwhile Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu from the accusations and criticisms that has arisen regarding his activities “in the investigation and prosecution of the criminals who stole the millions of dollars from the Bank”.

It will be recalled that the former Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Chairman Mallam Nuhu Ribadu had denied claims that he fraudulently benefited from the assets seized from businessman Emmanuel Nwude.

But the respected attorney who had served twice as US Public Prosecutor and Assistant to the current Secretary for Home Affairs in the Obama administration, Honorable Janet Reno when she was state attorney in Miami, Florida said the “EFCC at the insistence of Ribadu played absolutely no part in the disposal of the assets”.  

In his letter to the acting president obtained by, Mr Williams said “the criticisms and accusations of Mallam Nuhu Ribadu and Mr Lamorde and their staff are totally without merit. The criticisms are being levied by the same criminals who were successfully prosecuted and who in the end admitted their guilt in the open court.

“The confessed lead fraudster agreed to repay $120 million as part of the guilty plea. He defaulted from his agreement with the court and is seeking to delay the ultimate forfeiture to the victims of the stolen proceeds through his unprincipled abuse of the appellate process in Nigeria Courts.

“He further complicates the situation by attacking the EFCC for alleged impropriety in the disposal of the forfeited assets and the return of the stolen proceeds to the victims.

“This allegation is made though he knows full well that the EFCC at the insistence of Ribadu played absolutely no part in the disposal of the assets”.  (Read the letter here)

Mr Emmanuel Nwude living the good life“The only reason we are willing to bring the 419 theft case to Nigeria for resolution in Nigeria where it belonged is because of the good standing reputation for honesty and integrity of the EFCC and Mr Ribadu with international law enforcement”.

Williams concluded his letter by saying: Mr Ribadu and Mr Lamorde are national treasures of Nigeria. They bring honour to the country and are regarded with warmth admiration and respect by legitimate law enforcement agencies in the United States and around the world.