Save Nigeria Project: How to Retire Early From Street Protests & Barricades

Kayode Ajulo – 21 gun salute, national honour and even a million songs of praise will not be enough to thank all, for their continuous active support for the noble and patriotic cause to liberate our people and SAVE NIGERIA. I personally found it a soothing relief that, I not only lend my voice to the project to save Nigeria but I am privileged once again to march on the streets of Abuja-Nigeria with other great and noble compatriots.

I wish to share these thoughts with you, inspired by my communion march side-by-side with Pastor Tunde Bakare’s two beautiful and graduate teen daughters, respected Prof. Wole Soyinka and Elder Buba Galadima on the streets of Abuja (no pun intended, please; the addition of Tunde Bakare’s two daughters’ ages approximates my length of years of existence while arithmetic operation of doubling my age will only arrive at either Wole Soyinka or Buba Galadima’s age)

These thoughts are also provoked by my conversation with one of my indispensable compatriots in Diaspora, Engr. Tunji Ariyomo, on the political future of Nigeria as a nation vis-à-vis effort at redeeming the nation.

I forcefully submit that Mass actions are good and I am blindly in full mutual agreement and support with my fellow Nigerians who have moved out en mass in the past few days to agitate the redemption of our system so that our nation can embrace a path of honour and respect.

From our over fifty years experience, in which I did a quick review of our solidarity involvements from the known days of oppositions against early subjugations, days of resistances of colonial rules, “boycott the boycotables” and the present endeavours to save Nigeria, I am however, inclined to conclude that mass actions when we stop at protests alone seem to have only resulted in pyrrhic victory for the progressives in Nigeria. 

Please let us take for instance, the nationwide rock solid resistance against the illegal annulment of Chief M.K.O Abiola’s election only resulted in the consistent and our well known cabal retreating, strategising and eventually hijacking the gains of the hard-fought democratic battle which unfortunately cost many patriots their lives.

Without much ado, my suggestion at this very solemn and decisive moment is that we must explore the possibility of sustaining this mass actions with its massive support from our people as I know that even the military, and of course the police’s rank and file share our agonies and are all favourably disposed to this cause as the cause of the ordinary people and converting it into real political action in the months ahead. 

My concern is that, if we do not do this, we run the risk of doing this much only for a new set of mediocre with no clue about governance to be pushed forward as leaders in 2011. 

Please lets Remember 1999!

This therefore implies that we must identify leaders, commence political gathering of people for discussions, strategy meetings etc. 

We must not allow ourselves to be turned ‘permanent protesters’ – street tigers – and laugh off, as that is the only the usual thing the masses will do. 

I have identified this as the very reason why the members of the Nigerian government do not care about our protests, because they believe it does not affect them – particularly their elections. 

Please there is no better time for us to swing this tide than NOW!

Imagine a scenario whereby election day is a massive protest day where all Nigerians from every sector and walks of life including the police, solders etc are out to ensure only capable hands are elected. 

First, our coming out will ensure that our votes cannot be stolen and secondly, the message of a glorious future will be in the minds of our people.

This to me is the ultimate way to permanently save Nigeria and will ensure my early retirement from street protests and perpetual barricades.

Kayode AJULO, ESQ.