Shocker: ICPC Clears Lawmaker

Shocker: ICPC Clears Lawmaker, 

Says Forgery is Petty Offence

For those who are familiar with the case of Ibrahim Yushau Kanya, the federal lawmaker representing Babura/Garki federal constituency and indeed all

 honest patriotic Nigerians, these are very sad times. The Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) which has been handling the case of certificate forgery involving the MP has finally hands off the case. The commission has cleared Kanya of any criminal offence saying though the allegations of certificate forgery are correct, there is no need disturbing the lawmaker because the offence is not a very serious one. Sources in the commission say the ICPC has warned “trouble makers” from Babura and Garki to stop disturbing themselves. “After all this gentleman (Kanya) only forged certificates. What is the big deal there? There are people stealing billions and getting away with it. Why are they making trouble because somebody just tried to improve himself.. We are no longer worrying ourselves over the matter. Not even the President can resurrect he case”, the source told some elders from Garki who visited ICPC last week.

According to the source, the ICPC is interested is settling all cases amicably. In this case, the argument is that Kanya has almost finished his tenure. “Why should the ICPC spoil his opportunity simply because he was not the one that wrote his WAEC?” The ICPC official then told the elders to stop disturbing themselves as the commission is not going to border the MP. He said there is so much pressure from the Presidency, the PDP and Jigawa state to give the MP a clean bill of health. This declaration confirmed our earlier accusations that the ICPC is under pressure not to do anything about Kanya’s forgery case. It also confirms the fact that the lawmaker knew what he was doing when he rolled the drums into Babura to celebrate his freedom early this year. Now, we have been cheated in our constituency and ICPC is rubbing the cheating into our face. Corruption and dishonesty at their worst is being visited upon us with impunity. If you visit the National Assembly website today, you will see that Ibrahim Kanya’s qualification is Diploma in Public Admin. He used another person’s WAEC results to obtain the diploma. He is a dishonorable man in the assembly and the ICPC says it does not matter.  

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