Stand Up for Nigeria , Take back your Country – Enough is Enough!

Dear proud citizens of Nigeria,

This is our time to show real love for our motherland. History will judge us right for taking actions and protecting our common future.

Let us all join the movement to chat a new path for a participatory government and governance in Nigeria. What you can do?

We demand for true peoples’ constitution, electoral reform, freedom of information act, Zero tolerance for corruption, security of lives and properties, better funding for the education system, constant electricity and equal opportunity for every Nigerian among others. 

On or before Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 kindly do at least one thing to support the save Nigeria movement.

What You Can Do 

• Are you living in Nigeria? On March 16th, 2010 make sure you join the movement in your community to “Stand Up for Nigeria , Take back your Country – Enough is Enough!” 

• Are you living in the Diaspora? Write and petition your ambassador or high commissioner on the state of the nation.

• Change your Facebook status to ” Stand Up for Nigeria , Take Back Your Country – Enough is Enough!”

• Twitt “Stand Up for Nigeria , Take back your Country – Enough is Enough!” everyday till March 16th, 2010.

• Be creative in your own ways to voice for a better Nigeria.

Never underestimate your power to effect change. Remember, there are millions of Nigerians that are carrying out this action(s) as you are. You are not alone.

Only Nigerians can save Nigeria. Nothing will ever change with ‘siddon look’ attitude, not in 100 years. It is now or never!

Enough is Enough!

Yemi Ifegbuyi