Stay away from our granny burial Gbenga warns Obasanjo

The controversial face off between former president Obasanjo and his son Gbenga has taken a dangerous dimension as Gbenga has warned his father to keep off their maternal mother burial stated for Abeokuta on Friday 5th June. According to Gbenga, since Obasanjo was never a good in-law and husband to both the late Mrs. Akinlawon and Mama iyabo, he should excuse himself from the burial rites.

The controversy is brewing as Gbenga has petitioned both the SSS and Police on the security implications of Obasanjo attending.
he warned that Obasanjo would create serious tension if allowed to attend, meanwhile senior Obasanjo has come to his father aid as she has vowed to deal with Gbenga if he tried any rubbish warning that one thousand Gbenga cannot stop Obasanjo from attending the burial tomorrow.

…….typical dysfunctional family…..