Stop UK Conservative Support For Niger Delta Militant Leader

Tony Baldry is the Conservative candidate for Banbury. James Ibori was the Governor of Delta State of Nigeria, during his 8 years in office his state generated 40% of Nigeria’s revenue. He was thrice convicted of theft and dishonesty in the UK prior to becoming Governor Prior to becoming Governor he was living on benefits in a council house in London, now he is a billionaire with dozens of

luxury cars, properties in London, South Africa, the US, Dubai and Nigeria

His wife, personal assistant, solicitor and others are currently on trial at Southwark Crown Court for money laundering and other financial crimes
Tony Baldry, Conservative MP wrote a 5 page letter via his chambers 1 Essex Court to the Secretary of States for Justice, for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, the Attorney-General, the Lord Chancellor, and the Home Office attempting to influence the UK Government’s position on the case allegedly on the basis that James Ibori was key to disarming Niger Deltas militants
He was paid £37,000 for his troubles and has so far refused to divulge the full contents of the letter

Tony Baldry has a history of links to exploiting resources in conflict ridden African countries  (Sierra Leone, Sudan etc)  
James Ibori is currently wanted by the Nigerian government for embezzling over N44 billion, when the police went to arrest him allegedly to extradite him to the UK for money laundering they were attacked and over run by the self same militants he was meant to disarm

 Enough is Enough!

It is time that the corrupt and their accomplices were made to face the consequences of their actions

Date: Friday 30th April

 Time 12.00

 Place: Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand, London

 Dress: Bring your flags, Bring your green clothing, bring your banners

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